School Meals

In lower school (reception, year 1 and year 2) the children are entitled to universal free school meals. Children can order a hot meal, a snack pack, or they can bring in a packed lunch.

All school lunches should be ordered via WisePay, by 12pm on a Friday for the following week. Upper school lunches should also be paid for via WisePay when ordering. If your child is in upper school and entitled to free school meals, you do not need to pay but you must still order via WisePay.

Please speak to the office if you wish to find out more about entitlement to free school meals.

We are in charge of our own kitchen which gives our cooks the opportunity to be more adventurous and respond quickly to suggestions from the children or their parents.

Fresh water is always available at lunchtime, but you are welcome to send in a drink for your child inside their lunch box (no fizzy drinks, energy drinks or glass bottles).

As part of our Waste Watch, we are encouraging children to bring their packed lunches and drinks in reusable containers rather than lots of pre-packed cellophane/plastic pots/cartons etc.

Current menu Summer term 1 and 2

In lower school, the children receive free fruit or vegetables every day. There is also the option to order milk. This is free for under fives. Both free and paid for milk orders need to be done through our milk provider.
We are all aware of the need for a healthy lifestyle but sometimes the messages we receive can be confusing. Please click on this link for a helpful article to guide you in the choices you make for your family.