Diary Dates

March 2019
Tuesday 19th Year 1 CSF/NCFC football festival 10-2pm
Friday 22nd Year 1 assembly 2.15pm (lower hall)
Friday 22nd Year 4/5 swimming gala 1-3.30pm
Monday 25th Year 5 Bikeability 9am
Tuesday 26th Year 5 Bikeability 9am
Tuesday 26th Year 2 Maths café 9-10am (upper hall)
Wednesday 27th Year 4 Maths café 9-10am (upper hall)
Thursday 28th Year 5 Maths café 9-10am (upper hall)
Friday 29th Year 6 Maths café 9-10am (classrooms/art area)
Friday 29th Year 2 assembly 2.15pm (upper hall)
Friday 29th Disco (times as per newsletter 15/2 and 8/3)
Friday 29th Reception ‘Maths with Mummy’ morning
April 2019
Monday 1st Year 3 Maths café 9-10am (upper hall)
Tuesday 2nd Year 1 Maths café 9-10am (lower hall)
Wednesday 3rd Year 6 SATS meeting 7-7.30pm
Wednesday 3rd Rocksteady concert 9.30am (lower hall)
Thursday 4th Year 2 trip to the Sainsbury Centre, UEA
Monday 8th – Monday 22nd Easter holidays
Tuesday 23rd Back to school
Wednesday 24th Year 4 trip to West Stow
Wednesday 24th Year 6 World War 2 trip to North Norfolk
May 2019
Monday 6th Bank holiday
Monday 13th – Friday 17th Year 6 SATS week
Monday 20th Sports Day
Wednesday 22nd Year 2 – Dance Showcase
Monday 27th – Friday 31st Half term
June 2019
Monday 3rd Back to school
Friday 14th Reception ‘mens rocket’ morning
Friday 14th Summer Fayre 5-7pm
Wednesday 19th Current year 5 – Derbyshire meeting, 7-7.30pm
Tuesday 25th Reception trip to Gressenhall
Thursday 27th Whole school trip to The Royal Norfolk Show
July 2019
Wednesday 24th Last day of term!
September 2019
Wednesday 4th Back to school
Monday 16th – Friday 20th Year 6 Derbyshire trip (current year 5)
October 2019
Monday 21st – Friday 25th Half term
November 2019
December 2019
Wednesday 18th Last day of term!
Thursday 19th – Friday 3rd January Christmas holidays
January 2020
Monday 6th Back to school
February 2020
Monday 17th – Friday 21st Half term
March 2020
April 2020
Wednesday 1st Last day of term!
Thursday 2nd – Friday 17th Easter Holidays
Monday 20th Back to school
May 2020
Monday 4th Bank holiday
Monday 25th – Friday 29th Half term
June 2020
Monday 1st Back to school
July 2020
Tuesday 21st Last day of term!