Year 4 – Highlights

Road Trip USA (summer 1)

We have really enjoyed studying the USA. We begun the topic with cooking and tasting foods from different states, as part of a virtual tour of the USA.


We went on to learn about human and physical geographical features of the USA, as well as exploring native American history and culture. 

We’ve been learning a line dance – you can see us dance at the summer fayre! 

Children enjoyed investigating electrical circuits, in science, and applied their new knowledge to creating electric quiz cards that buzz or light up when you choose the correct answer. 

We have also been making dream-weavers during enrichment and have made portraits of Queen Elizabeth II in a Lichtenstein style. 

We’ve all enjoyed reading and writing about the adventures of a cat called Varjak Paw . 

We’ve continued to learn about fractions and how they relate to decimals. 

We’ve also been learning the vocabulary of ‘au café’ in French and are looking forward to serving you in our French café on 12th July between 9 and 10:15am.