Bev Theobald (Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Deputy Head
Rebecca Jennings (Designated Safeguarding Lead)
Kirsty Savory (Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Rebecca Jennings

Hedgehogs – Emily Newson/Nikki Fowler
TAs – Tracey Dean and Marie Martins
Squirrels – Melissa Aspin
TAs – Donna Simms, Camellia Winsley and Olena Sutcliffe

Year 1
Caterpillars – Mrs Wyer
TAs – Nicky Childerhouse and Kirsty Thorpe
Ladybirds – Emily Cobb
TAs – Olena Sutcliffe and Alice Merrywest. Laura Gibbons and Kirsty Thorpe (1:2)

Year 2
Whales – Barbara Peek/Deborah Fairhurst
TA – René Dresser. Kat Gant (1:1)
Dolphins – Vicki Shipp
TAs – Samantha Green and Paula Weston

Year 3
Barn Owls – Lindsey Amis and Lizzie Brooks
TAs – Claire Jack and Viv Whitlock
Kestrels – Hannah Kingston
TAs – Alexis Cameron and Debs Fiddeman. Amy White and Sara Money (1:1)

Year 4
Meerkats – Dom Clarke (Designated Safeguarding Lead)
TAs – Allyson Lockitch and Clair Amerigo
Lions – Sarah Nassim and Michaela Pritchard
TAs – Ali Cockrell and Olena Sutcliffe
Giraffes – Tracey Taylor
TAs – Jane Neville and Janette Harowven

Year 5
Polar Bears – Anne-Marie Hesmondhalgh
TAs – Lynsey Kaszczak and Sarah Jones. Sara Money and Elana Van Veen (1:1)
Penguins – Cameron Messenger and Kate Bird
TAs – Julie Bidder, Debs Fiddeman and Holly Mabee

Year 6
Snow Leopards – Claire Argyle
TAs – Holly Mabee and Rebecca Weyer
Jaguars – Matthew Lawrence
TAs -Kerry Heaney and Olena Sutcliffe

Intervention teachers
Diane Longcroft, Alexis Cameron, Michelle Page and Caitlin Layton

Nurture Group
Jacquie Grant
Lara Kenny

Forest Schools
Kerry Heaney and Georgie Killby
Diane Appleton (volunteer)

Laurie O’Regan

Sally Sowter and Holly Dean

HR administrator
Laura Wright (Mental Health Champion)

Finance Officer
Jo Baldry

Site Manager
Mark Body
Paul Tilbury

Kitchen Staff
Cook – Mindy Daniels
Deputy cook – Mishy Brister
Kitchen assistants – Michelle Grix, Sarah Stone, Sam Ireland

Lower School MSAs
Reception – Sandra Cornhill and Emma Gaul. Year 1 – Kirsty Thorpe, Emma Bartram, Natasha Hunt and Jessica Spencer. Year 2 – Margaret Corps, Lorna Bunting, Natasha Hunt and Olena Sutcliffe
Upper School MSAs
Year 3 – Rachael Parker, Katherine Hall and Jessica Spencer. Year 4 – Jo Doughty, Janette Harrowven, Janice Mark, Jane Neville, Allyson Lockitch and Alexis Cameron. Year 5 – Elana Van Veen and Victoria Bradbury. Year 6 – Rebecca Weyer, Holly Leveridge and Kerry Heaney

Cleaning Supervisor
Angela Fenn
Cleaning Staff
Jane Dye, Emily-Jane Saul, Lisa Smith and Emma Gaul

Breakfast Club
Diane Longcroft, Sam Ireland, Katherine Hall, Sarah Stone, Viv Whitlock, Claire Jack

After School Club
Manager – Sarah Jones
Deputy manager – Wendy Boon
Playworkers – William Benstead, Georgie Killby, Katherine Hall and Mel Secker