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Whales & Sharks - Year 2

In Sharks and Whales  classes we are guided by the National Curriculum and work through topics which will inspire and interest the children. English is usually planned through a book starting point. We engage with a wide range of genres including fiction, non-fiction and poetry. The children are mostly in a reading group with other children of similar reading ability. They read weekly with an adult in the classroom on a rotation basis. At that time we discuss many aspects of reading, including reading for understanding and aim to develop technical reading skills. The children are encouraged to change home reading books from a selection in the classroom and will also visit the school library regularly. We enjoy reading comments from home about books you have read together and would like to see the children adding their own comments.

Phonics is carried out each day. The children are grouped to suit their learning needs and move to different classrooms accordingly. Phonics sessions activities are based on blending for reading and segmenting to assist their spelling. Our maths is based in learning groups, following the National guidelines in learning number, measurement, geometry (shapes, position and direction) and statistics. We aim to ensure that all the pupils become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics, to reason following enquiry based activities and to solve problems confidently. Topics are based around an enquiry question. The topics for this year are shown in the list below.

Whose School is it?
Underground/Overground, Don’t Judge a book by it’s cover, Friend or Foe, What Can I give/What can I get?

The topic work will include; art, D&T, outdoor learning, maths, English, Geography, History, music, PE, RE and computer based learning.

As part of our year two experiences we are trialling lessons outdoors on a weekly basis. So far, this has included a journey map walk and collecting resources to use inside the classroom. We aim to do more during the spring and summer months as the weather improves.

Each term we will host a class assembly and a reading café, to which parents/carers are invited. We are looking forward to inviting visitors into school to support our learning, also going out into our local community to visit a range of locations.

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