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Click here for the weekly news 20th April 2018


Celebrate our teams success' in the SSP Football development League. A big Thank you to former mulbarton student and footballer Tom Matthews for handing out the awards.

Friday 23rd March

Dear Parents/Carers
Thank you for your attendance at our consultations this week. I hope you have found them helpful and are encouraged by your child's outcomes to date.
Yesterday we had a few visitors in school from the Local Authority and am pleased to report that they were very impressed with the children. They commented that the children are well behaved, happy, feel safe and in addition are receiving a good education in our school. I wanted to let you know how proud we were of them all and to share this good news with you.
We have enjoyed the daily mile this week as we raise funds for Sports Relief - please ensure you collect and return your sponsorship money by the end of term (28th March.)

Mrs Bird is leaving us soon to go on maternity leave. Her last day will be on 17th April and we will be ensuring we give her a good send off!!
Enjoy your Easter break and let's hope the sun shines for us all.
Mrs Bev Theobald
Mulbarton Primary school

General News
A very big well done to the following children for taking part in the Year 4 - 6 swimming gala at the UEA yesterday.  They all represented the school wonderfully: Jake Peacock, Daisy Standley, Connor Challis, Tilly Matthews, Nicholas Griffiths, Sophie Lorne, Isobel Wright, Lloyd Slaughter, Lucy Wright, Holly Farrow and Colby White.

Please see reports for all the sports events we have taken part in recently including cross country, basketball and football.

1) We still have a few wristbands left for Sports Relief, if you would like to buy one please pop into the office with £1, we will be selling them until the last day of term (Wednesday 28th)

2) Free Shoe Shine: Over the Easter weekend, one of the things Christians celebrate is when Jesus washed his disciples' feet on Maundy Thursday. To mark this, Revd Andrew North from Mulbarton Church will be offering a free shoe shine in the lower school playground after school on Wednesday 28th March. Pupils, parents and staff alike are invited to come along and have their shoes cleaned!

3) Messy Church meets next in the Easter holidays on Thursday 12th April at Mulbarton Primary School from
10 am to 12 noon and includes lunch.  Another craft-packed, messy, fun morning when we learn about King
Solomon building the Temple.  Crafts, story, song, prayers, refreshments throughout the morning,
soft toy area for very young children and lunch!  Come and enjoy and meet lots of people too.
Donations of £1 per person gratefully received to cover our costs.  For more information: or 570557.

4) Message from the PTA: Bingo - after discussing the low take up with Mrs Theobald, we have no option but to postpone the bingo until 20th April.Everyone who had registered for this Friday’s bingo has been transferred to the one on the 20th April. There are still spaces left for the 20th so please do sign up via the Eventbrite link:

5) Please see attached flyers from Premier Sports for the Easter holidays and a soccer coaching course as well as a poster for the Mulbarton Community Choir's spring concert

6) Reminder for our non-uniform day on Wednesday 28th, please see attached letter from our former pupils Jordan Newman and Alesha-Louise Bell who are raising money to help improve a community in Tanzania.  They are working very hard to raise funds for this so if you would like your child to take part, please send them in with £1 donation on the last day of term and there will be a collection pot in each classroom.

7) This is a gentle reminder that we are a nut free school, please make sure you do not send your child in with anything that contains nuts (including chocolate spread.)

Weekly News
We had a fantastic time at the Dinosaur Park this week! Thank you to all of the parents that came to help us! The children had a brilliant time learning about the different dinosaurs. At the end of the morning, the children got to hold giant snails, hissing cockroaches and guinea pigs!
We have also started to think about Easter and the children have been making Easter baskets and Easter cards. To do this, the children explored marbling oils to create patterns. We have also been writing messages in our Easter cards.
In phonics we have been recapping digraphs. Please help your child to read and recognise digraphs in words at home.
In Maths we have been doing number assessments with the children and we have discovered that many of the children’s next steps will be to focus on recognising and ordering numbers to 20 - focusing on teen numbers.

Year 1
It has been another busy week as our Superheroes topic continues.
Throughout our topic we have been reading lots of Superhero books, we particularly enjoyed reading ‘Super Daisy’ and began thinking about our own superhero stories. We designed our own comic strips for Wonderful Writing as a plan for our final story. On Thursday and Friday, we wrote our final stories, challenging ourselves to include similes, adjectives and conjunctions to make our stories super interesting and exciting!
In Maths we have been exploring capacity. We found out that capacity means how much something can hold. We also found out that we can measure capacity in millilitres. As a superhero in training, we need to make sure that we keep ourselves fit and healthy, so we followed a recipe to make a ‘Superhero Boost Drink’. We used carrot juice, to keep our eyes healthy and help us see in the dark; spinach juice, to keep us strong, strawberry milk for strong teeth and bones, and blueberry juice. We carefully measured out the juices and mixed them together.
In History, we have been learning about Edith Cavell. We found out that she was born in Swardeston and trained to be a nurse to care for the soldiers in the war. We then wrote our own fact files about why she was a superhero and an important person, and how we remember her today.
Thank you for coming to our Parent’s Consultation meetings on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. We hope that you enjoyed spending time in the classrooms and looking at all of the wonderful learning your children have achieved.

Year 2
This week we have been learning about instructions. We began by playing games by following the instructions given. However, there were two sets of instructions and the children had to decide which one was the best and why. Once we learnt the features of good instruction writing (title, introduction, ordered steps, diagrams, time conjunctions and present tense) we made up our own ball game and wrote our instructions.
In Maths we have continued to work on the inverse relationship between addition and subtraction, and applying this understanding to solve missing number problems.
For example:      ? + 7 = 22      22 – 7 = 15       so,    15 + 7 = 22
This would be a good thing for you to reinforce with your children at home.
Later in the week, we moved on to solving addition and subtraction word problems. We reminded ourselves how to use a blank number line but we also used the ‘chips and peas’ method which many children love. This will be explained at parents evening.
Please remember that at 9:00 on Monday morning Miss Cobb will be giving a talk about the end of KS1 Assessment, and how it works. This will be in the lower school hall.

Year 3
We have been learning all about fractions of shapes and quantities. The children have been absolutely outstanding in developing their ability to identify and calculate unit and non-unit fractions.
In Science, Peregrines have continued to discuss healthy eating and have written explanations for the meals that they have created and why they are healthy. Kestrels have been calculating the miles that different foods have to travel before they end up on our plates.
Still thinking about food, Peregrines have been writing recounts about James Lind and his contribution to our understanding of healthy eating. They have found out all about the connection between scurvy and vitamin C. Kestrels have been reading the Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll.
All this week, we have been supporting Sport Relief by running the daily mile.

Year 4
Hubble, bubble, toil and trouble!
This week has been magical in Year 4.  We have been making potions for spells using lots of unusual ingredients.  We have been writing our spells as rhyming couplets ready to ‘perform’ them for Year 2 on Friday in our Wizards’ Workshop.  This has involved renaming our ingredients, as we couldn’t find any real horses’ dandruff anywhere (so we had to make do with bicarbonate of soda)!
In Maths, we have continued our work on decimals. Ordering and comparing decimals to two decimal places and rounding to the nearest integer and tenth.  We have also started to look at money and giving change.  We have been using our written methods for this (the number line and expanded column method) as we have worked on counting on to calculate the change.
All the children have been taking part in the Sports Relief Mile this week – running or walking a mile each day.  They have loved this and are very competitive – several of them want to go even further!

Year 5
This week we have become rats! We have taken on the role of the rat and explored how it felt to be blamed for the spread of the Black Death. We used our letter writing skills to give the rats a voice and enable them to put their point of view. In Maths, we have continued to focus on decimals and this week have looked at rounding decimals to 2 decimal places. We have shown great aspiration during this topic and our perseverance has been worth it as we have all really improved and now feel more confident.
We are getting close to our Dojo target and looking forward to the reward when we reach it.

Year 6
The children have been writing their final stories about evacuee children. We have been practising skills in using dialogue to convey character and to drive action forwards, which the children are incorporating into their stories. In two Maths groups children have revised and increased their knowledge of percentages - solving a variety of problems – and working on negative numbers in the third.
We have also continued the debate about the American decision to enter into WW2 in 1940 and are ready to complete our learning about this period in history by looking at how the war ended.
In art the children have been working on portraits in charcoal.


The winners of our Story Writing Competion

These winners made scrummy things to eat using Fair Trade Bananas

March 16th

Dear Parents/Carers,

We have had another wonderful week in school, lots of positive learning across the year groups which is lovely to see.

Following our recent safeguarding audit, we are having to change the way in which children are collected at the end of the school day in upper school.
Year 3 will now be collected from outside the Year 3 cloakroom (under the veranda)
Year 4  will now be collected from the playground
Years 5 and 6 will now be collected from the playground - unless we have a signed permission slip saying you are happy for them to walk home/meet you outside the school gates. A letter will be coming home with your child today.

After Easter school uniform will no longer be optional and all children should wear a blue sweatshirt/jumper/cardigan. Plain blue is acceptable, although we would prefer children to wear the logo sweatshirt or cardigan.  Please note that shorts and skirts need to be knee length,or just above the knee, and shoes must be all black and suitable for school (no heels). Plain black trainers are acceptable.

On Friday we judged our Christmas writing competition and our Fairtrade competition, with all the winners receiving a prize.
Fairtrade competition
lower school: Isabelle Grady, Felix Skipp and Nathan Federl-Racher
upper school: Mackenzie Nielsen, Astrud McFadyen and Mia & Sam Barrett
Christmas writing competition
1st prize - Samuel Phelan, 2nd prize - Eleanor Neville, 3rd prize - Abi Rivett

Mrs Bev Theobald

General News

Message from our music teacher, Mrs Edwards:
The photographs and recordings for CASMA are now available to access through a secure online link.  Follow the link below and use the password fusion  
Thank you to all the children and staff for making the event such a successful, dynamic and energetic experience!

Weekly News

We have had a fantastic week learning about length. The children have been using cubes and pens to measure and compare the length of dinosaurs and dinosaur footprints.
In phonics we have been learning the digraphs ar, ou/ow and oi/oy. The children have also been leaning to write words and sentences with these sounds in.
The children have also been working with an adult to order numbers to 20. The children have been learning to recognise teen numbers and find one more and one less than a given number on a number line.
We have been assessing your child’s knowledge of sounds and tricky words this week and their ability to apply their sound knowledge to blend and segment words, keep practising these skills with your child at home.
Thank you to all of the parents that have offered to help us with our trip to the dinosaur park, we look forward to it!

Year 1
On Monday we all took part in an AMAVEN sports challenge session. The children were practicing their running, jumping, throwing and catching skills. They all found this great fun.
In English, this week, we read ‘Super Daisy’ and focused on comic strips. We learnt how to write our own super similes to describe Daisy and her superhero powers and skills.
‘Super Daisy is as fast as a cheetah.’             ‘Super Daisy is strong like an elephant.’
We drew our own comic strips and also added some onomatopoeia. We also read ‘Michael Recycle’ and learnt about how to be superheroes by recycling and looking after our environment. We know how important recycling is and wrote a bossy, persuasive piece of writing to tell everyone more.
‘Recycle, recycle, recycle!’                ‘I cannot accept rubbish on the floor!’
In Maths, we have been continuing with multiplication. We are now experts at creating arrays to show multiplication and are super confident at counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. We also learnt how to show multiplication as a repeated addition number sentence.
2 x 5 = 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2
In art, we have been looking at the work of Roy Lichtenstein. We noticed that he used lots of dots to build up colour and create his pop art, comic book artwork. We had a go at creating our own pieces of dot art inspired by Lichtenstein. Look out for our new display coming soon!
We look forward to seeing you all next week at our Parent Consultation Evenings on Wednesday and Thursday. Please ensure you have signed up for a time using the online system.
Have a lovely weekend – the Year 1 Team

Year 2
This week we have been busy making our non-fiction sports books. The children were challenged to use 5, 7 or 9 features including; front cover, contents, headings, text boxes, pictures, labels, diagrams, index and glossary. We spent 3 sessions completing our books before sharing with the other class.
In Maths this week we looked at the inverse relationship between addition and subtraction. We investigated and found out that if we know 12 + 8 = 20, then we also know 8 + 12 = 20 (because addition can be done in any order). Then, we turned them into subtractions and found that 20 – 12 = 8 and 20 – 8 = 12. We can use the same 3 numbers to write 4 number sentences!
We used this knowledge to solve missing number problems later in the week.
In Science we have been experimenting which materials are best to make a ball. The children tried; sand, paper, clay, dough and foil. They set their own criteria including whether it could bounce, roll or be kicked.
In DT we made balloon cars using wheels and axles. The balloon was attached to the top of car, blown up and released. We had lots of fun seeing how far they travelled.
We would love some parent helpers to hear readers or take children to the library. Do let us know if you are available.
Please can you remind your children not to bring toys into school in case they get lost. Thank you

Year 3
This has been a tremendously busy week for Year 3. Our main event was the year group assembly that we presented to the school and parents on Tuesday. The children worked really hard to write and learn recounts of their time at How Hill and then presented them to their audience. They then enjoyed showing their recounts and photos to parents in the classroom.
In maths, we have been thinking about how data can be presented in bar charts and pictograms and we have made our own using data we have collected. The children have then developed their ability to ask and answer questions about the data.
Peregrines have really enjoyed listening to, and trying to learn, nonsense poetry by Edward Lear and Lewis Carroll. They have now finished writing their nonsense poems and spent time reading each other’s work and suggesting improvements.
In science, we have been thinking about food groups and the role that they play in ensuring that we eat a balanced diet. Peregrines planned out a healthy meal and Kestrels had a lovely time making ice cream.
Year 4
What a wonderful week!  We have been to Wonderland and back – and taken the parents with us!
Much of the week has been spent preparing our fabulous assembly.  The children have been amazing: volunteering to take on roles; learn lines with very tricky Lewis Carroll vocabulary; and dress up and act up for the general amusement of the audience.  We are following our assembly with a delicious Mad Hatter’s tea party.  We expect there to be a lot of crumbs to clear up!
In Maths, we have been looking at decimals. We have been learning how to convert between tenths and hundredths and their decimal equivalents, as well as ½, ¼ and ¾ and their decimal equivalents.  We enjoyed using Numicon to help us with this and then used a silly story to help us cement our knowledge of ½, ¼ and ¾.  We are going to be ending the week by working on dividing by 10 and 100.
We are going to write alternative endings to Alice in Wonderland on Friday.  It will be lovely to see what our imaginative classes come up with to compare with Lewis Carroll’s original ending.

Year 5
We are super proud of the children’s writing this week. They have worked really hard to complete their detailed journals and are now taking care to present them beautifully.
There was a great buzz in the room on Tuesday as Penguins collaborated to produce a fabulous display to represent the outbreak of the rotten rats!
It’s been decimals and fractions in maths this week and there has been a huge increase in confidence as the children have been focused on converting decimals into fraction sentences. They’ve been tricky but they persevered!
It has also been a very active week with all the pupils undertaking a fitness assessment and a large proportion of the year group improving their cycling skills doing Bikeability.  Next week we are looking forward to doing a mile a day for our Sport Relief fundraising effort.  Well done Penguins and Puffins!
Year 6
In year 6 this week we have been taking part in role-play, based on our class reading book – Carrie’s War. The children enjoyed acting out scenes related to the book and imagining how different characters would react. We used this experience to inform our writing.
We have also spent time debating. We learnt about how and when the USA joined World War 2 and discussed reasons for and against them joining – putting ourselves into that historical setting.

March 9th
Thank you all for your support with World Book Day today. Children and staff made an amazing effort and we had lots of fun. Mrs Burchell has spent today tasting all your lovely banana creations. Some staff joined in too! The winners will be announced on Monday along with the winners of our recent writing competition.

Next Friday -16th we are holding a non uniform day in exchange for bingo prizes (see attached flyer).  Please bring the prizes to the upper school cookery room or the lower school library in the morning.

Bev Theobald

General News

1) We have been asked by a former pupil, Alesha-Louise Bell if we would hold a non-uniform day on Wednesday 28th March in aid of raising money for her to go on an expedition to Tanzania to help with community work there. If your child would like to take part, please bring a £1 and help with this special cause....
2) Please see attached message from our Governors
3) Please see attached report on the girls year 5/6 football
4) Please see attached flyer regarding Easter tennis sessions
5) Please see attached SEND flyer
6) Bingo - please note that parents are required to book tickets through the links on the poster.  There is a non-uniform for bingo prizes next Friday (16th)
7) Sport Relief - 17-23 March  - this year for Sport Relief, Mulbarton Primary School are aiming to walk to Cairo!  Each pupil (and staff members) will walk a mile a day for five days, which is equivalent to the direct distance from Mulbarton to Cairo.  We hope to support Sport Relief by giving each child a sponsor sheet to raise funds for this event, these should be coming home with your child today.  We will also be selling Sport Relief wristbands on a first come, first served basis at £1 each.
8) World Book Day - due to the snow days, the tokens will be valid until 31st March (instead of 25th March as shown on the token).
Thank you for your support.
Weekly News
Thank you to all the Mummies, Nannies, Grandmas and Aunties who came to our Maths with Mummy morning today.  We hope you all enjoyed spending this special time with your children doing various activities. It was lovely to see everyone!

Year 1
We were all thrilled to be back at school after the snow days and share all of the fun and memories that we have made.  It was lovely to hear the children’s enthusiasm for all of the things that they did with the snow.
We started the week by catching up on lots that we had missed and wrote superhero passports for English.  We made up our own character and thought about what their superpowers were, what they looked like and where they might live.  We made sure to use the personal pronoun ‘I’.
In maths this week we have been learning about multiplication and to help us with this we have learnt about ‘arrays’, the children enjoyed seeing the patterns numbers can make when we count in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.  For example, we showed 2x5 in two different ways:

xx                           xxxxx
xx                           xxxxx

For topic this week, we have been exploring our senses and used these to complete a senses hunt.  We used a blindfold, smelled an item, and then used adjectives to describe it.  Then we listened carefully to something and described what we could hear.  Again using the blindfold, we felt something and described it.  This was a lot of fun and made us think about why each of our senses is important.

Thank you for all of your support and the brilliant costumes for our postponed world book day.  The children chose which stories to listen to and completed a quiz with their house group.

Please can your children come to school dressed in their PE kit on Monday, preferably with tracksuit bottoms as we are having some visitors in school to do a PE challenge with the children and we have the early time slots of the day.

Friday 16th of March is non-school uniform day when we request you to bring in a prize for the Easter bingo.

Have a great weekend – The Year 1 team.

Year 2
It is lovely to be back in school after all the snowy weather last week.

We began the week by writing a recount of our school trip to the UEA Sportspark. This was a free writing activity where the children all wrote independently with no levels of challenge. They had to think for themselves about how to make their writing ‘sparkle’ and many children used adjectives, adverbs, time conjunctions and added interesting details.

Later in the week, we began reading and looking at the features of non-fiction books about different sports. The children have been researching information ready to create their own non-fiction book, about a sport of their choice, next week.

In Maths, we have been looking at data and graphs. Last week we gathered data about how year 2 travel to school by tallying and then put the results into a pictogram. This week we have collected and tallied information on the children’s favourite sports and turned into a block graph. We answered mathematical questions about our data.

In Science, we have been grouping and classifying animals according to the way they move. They then had a go at imitating movements and shapes made by the animals, thinking about the muscles used, and took photos on the ipads.

In PE we have focussed on throwing and catching, particularly over-arm throw. We discussed which sports this skill would be most suitable for and we were surprised by how many there were! We applied our skills in a game of ‘piggy in the middle’.

Home learning will be coming home today but due to the snow last week, we are not expecting it back on Wednesday the 14th. Please complete 2 pieces by Wednesday the 28th March. Our ‘Bounce’ topic will be continuing after Easter so the final 2 pieces can be completed and returned on Wednesday 2nd May. Thank you.

Year 3

In maths this week, we have continued learning about money. The children have been adding different amounts of money and finding the change from a given amount. Having only spent a week on this, we will be revisiting it again later in the year but it would be lovely – in the meantime -  if you could find plenty of opportunities for the children to tell you how much change you would get while you are ‘out-and-about’ shopping with cash.

In English, the children have been planning and writing a recount of their trip to How Hill. It has been lovely, reflecting on all of the wonderful learning experiences that your children experienced that week. When the recounts are completed we are also continuing the work that we began before half term on nonsense poetry – something that the children are absolutely loving!

As you can imagine, we have been doing lots of practising this week for our Year 3 assembly. Just a reminder that this assembly will take place on Tuesday 13th March at 2:30pm in the upper school hall. After the assembly, there will be an opportunity to visit your child’s classroom and to read their recounts of How Hill.

Year 4

Where has the snow gone? It’s hard to believe we were closed due to snow last week!

We’ve been making up for the break in Year 4 by working really hard in all curriculum areas.

In English, we have been meeting more of the wonderful characters from Alice in Wonderland as well as developing our thought and speech punctuation so that we can write in the style of Lewis Carroll.  What a lot of growing and shrinking Alice does in the book!

In Maths, we have been continuing to work on Fractions. This week we have concentrated on finding and calculating fractions of amounts and developing our reasoning using our knowledge of this.  We particularly enjoy doing ‘the dance’ to help us remember what to do when calculating a fraction of an amount!  We are looking forward to moving onto decimals next week.

It’s been all about gases in Science this week!  We created a gas by causing a reaction between vinegar and bicarbonate of soda – it was a bit stinky!  The gas inflated our plastic gloves.

We are, of course, ending our week with World Book Day, which hasn’t happened at the time of writing. However, we know we are all going to look fabulous and have a wonderful day!

Year 5

The children settled back into work after an exciting few days in the snow! We have been finishing off our angle measuring unit in maths and the children have shown great confidence in using protractors and recognising angles.  We have now moved onto learning about decimals to thousandths.

Lots of reading this week too- delving into the story of Anne Frank and the diaries of Samuel Pepys as we learnt how to write a successful journal to take us through the Middle Ages and into the darkness of the Bubonic plague.  The children have imagined they are doctors during the Black Death and have started writing their own diary entries detailing their experiences.

It was lovely to see how creative we could all be as we put some finishing touches to some handmade journals which will be filled with some wonderful work throughout the rest of the topic.

If you get a chance to visit a D.I.Y shop over the next few days, it would be great if you could tear off some interesting wallpaper samples so that the children could use these as part of the inside cover decorations. Two A4 sized pieces would suit the project. Many thanks!

Year 6

As well as recovering from the excitement of the snow, we have continued with our book – Carrie’s war – in year 6. We have been furthering our writing skills by writing dialogue between characters in the book, and attempting to show action through dialogue. We will continue to study this book until the end of this term. In maths we have been working in different groups, on a range of maths topics including: multiplication of large numbers; solving multiplication and division problems and finding the area of a variety of 2d shapes. This week we began our science topic on light and we will be focussing more on this topic towards the end of term.

Please look out for a pack of homework activities: your child was given a homework pack on Thursday containing a variety of maths and English activities to choose from. Each child is still expected to hand in a piece of maths homework on Tuesdays and English on Fridays. (Spellings are given out and returned on Wednesdays). The homework pack should allow the children to choose something they need more practice on for their homework.


February 23rd

Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed a good week last week with your children at home. We have enjoyed our first week back with Year 3 going to How Hill and Year 6 to Duxford. The children's behaviour was exemplary and they clearly had a good time. Year 1 had an exciting Wow day as super heroes and I am sure you were impressed by the Year 2's art exhibition. So a great start to the term with more exciting learning planned.
It has been brought to my attention that Facebook groups have been formed with the intention of complaining about the school and, in some cases, named members of staff.  The police have advised us that this could be classed as harassment and may be subject to investigation.  As clearly stated in our social media code of conduct (a copy of which was sent home to all parents in early October) the school will not tolerate posting of defamatory 'statuses' about parents, pupils, the school or its employees.   Our complaints procedure policy is on the school website and a paper copy available from the office, should any individuals have a genuine concern you wish to take further.

I also wanted to share with you that we are aiming to simplify our behaviour strategies to ensure consistency across school and with that in mind, the children have helped write three school rules. These are:
1. Do as you are asked by an adult
2. Be kind
3. Try your best
We feel this cover all aspects of behaviour and are being used across all of the school.  
Also a little reminder that, as stated in the newsletter before half-term, upper school are lining up to come into school at 8.50am rather then coming in on their own.
Thank you for your continued support.
Mrs Bev Theobald
Mulbarton Primary school

General News
Spare uniform/sports kit -
We are very short of girls spare uniform and sports kits in school.  If you have any items that you are able to donate we would be very grateful.  Other useful items would be tights and socks.
Please bring any donations to the office.
Many thanks

Choir -
Mr North would like to re-start the school choir and would love old and new members to come along to rehearsal.  Mr North is  hoping to be able to put together a couple of songs for them to perform at Wymondham Abbey on Saturday 5th May when the community choir perform there. They’re hoping to perform Bruno Mars’ “Count on me” and Elton John’s “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?”
Rehearsal is on Monday lunchtimes (starting this Monday, 26th) 12.45 - 1.15pm.  It is open to upper school (years 3 - 6) so please ask your child if they are interested and let the office know if they would like to come along.

Bake Sale -
Thank you and a big well done to Eva and Isabelle in their fundraising before half term.  We were all thrilled they raised £150!
The girls delivered the money to St Martins Housing Trust, who run the Norwich Night Shelter (in its new form) and they were very grateful. There are still some unclaimed cake tins in the art area (upper school) so please ask at the office if you are missing any.

International Aviation Academy in Norwich is hosting an Aviation Activity Day aimed at 8-12 year olds on the 24th February, please see flyer here

Sports for Schools vouchers -
Just a reminder we are collecting the vouchers printed in the EDP/Evening News for sports equipment in school.  We have 2 collection boxes (one in upper school & one in lower school.)

World Book Day -
Don't forget we will be celebrating World Book Day on Friday 2nd March.
The children will undertake several book and reading related activities throughout the day, both in class and as a whole school.
We will also be inviting the children (and staff of course!) to dress as a book character for the day.  This will just be fun, not as part of a competition.
As part of our celebrations, each child will receive a £1 book voucher which can be used on specific £1 books or towards other books of their choice.

Weekly News
Reception -
This week we have been learning all about dinosaurs and the children thought of lots of ideas of what we could put in there. The children have also been set a challenge to see how they could release a dinosaur that had been trapped in ice. They have been working in pairs to think about the quickest way to release the dinosaur !
In phonics the children have been learning the sounds th and ie/igh. We have been thinking of words with these sounds and practising reading and writing words with these sounds.
In maths we have been learning all about weight. The children have been comparing the weight of everyday items and weighing toy dinosaurs.
As part of this half term’s topic about dinosaurs, we would love to see any fossils that anyone may have at home. Also, if anyone happens to be fossil expert we would love to hear from you –especially if you would be prepared to come and talk to the children about fossils!
Please try to bring your child to school on time in the mornings as we are trying to shake the shaker to start the school day just before 9am. It would help your child if they had done all their morning jobs before then, thank you.

Year 1 -
We have had a super start to our Superheroes topic in year 1. We started the week off with looking at real life heroes. The children then wrote sentences about their heroes and used the word ‘because’ to explain why. In Maths we have been learning to compare, order and measure items using cubes and a ruler. We have also been learning about healthy eating and why superheroes need to eat lots of fruit and vegetables to stay fit. We looked at some videos about food groups and where food comes from. The children designed fruit kebabs choosing a variety of different fruits.
On Wednesday we had a fantastic Superhero Wow Day. The children had lots of activities on offer throughout the Base and the Hive including making fruit kebabs, vegetable heroes based on the story ‘Supertato’, lolly stick heroes, slime, masks, wands and shields. They also had great fun dressing as heroes for the day and using the photo booth set up. Photos will be uploaded to tapestry soon! Thank you for sending in all of the wonderful fruit and vegetables for our kebabs and vegetable heroes. We may have sent some home again as we didn’t want to be wasteful but we had so much to cut up and share out and the children enjoyed trying a wide selection, especially the blueberries.
On Thursday the children evaluated their fruit kebabs and recorded their favourite fruits.
We have sent the new Home Learning out today. There will be no spellings this week as we will be celebrating world book day next Friday (dress-up as book characters) but please enjoy reading lots of books at home and practise the sound cards in the packs sent home or the sheets stuck in your child's reading records.

Year 2 -
We started the week looking at the features of leaflets.  The children looked through leaflet samples and made a list of key features.  We then made our own leaflets to advertise our art year 2 art gallery.  Thank you for supporting your children and coming to this event.  They were very proud of their work.
We have been working really hard this week for our year group assembly.  Children have been learning their lines as well as a new song and even a poem!  We hope you enjoyed watching it.
In science this week we had great fun dunking biscuits! The children made predictions on which biscuit would be the strongest when dunked in a cup of tea.
In maths we have been practising, and reminding ourselves, how to solve addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and fraction problems using just pen and paper.
In English we have been practising answering questions about a text to help our comprehension skills.
To launch our new topic bounce, we ended the week with a fun filled morning at the UEA.  The children took part in a range of ‘bouncy’ activities including: spring gym, tennis and table tennis.  We would like to thank our parent helpers.

Year 3 -
We have had a fantastic time this week at How Hill. At the time of writing, Kestrels are still there and Peregrines are back at school and thinking about all the activities that we have been doing.
Over the week, we have investigated the flora and fauna of dykes, examined different Broadland habitats, learned how to thatch, made art in the woods, discovered the skill of weaving, role played food chains and travelled down the River Ant to Barton Broad. It has been tremendous fun taking the learning out of the classroom. We also ate leads and (mostly!) slept extremely well.
We are now thinking about how we can provide a recount of our experiences in our assembly on Tuesday 6th March.

Year 4 -
We’re all mad in Year 4! Or are we…?
We have had a lovely week being introduced to our new topic of Potions.  As part of our topic, we are reading (and watching) Alice in Wonderland.  On Monday, this involved completing a scavenger hunt which led us to a bottle which said ‘Drink me’, just like in the story.  After reading part of the book, we then used drama to decide what Alice could/should do.  We have used that and our descriptions of Alice’s character to write the next part of the story.
In Art, we began by looking at photographs of the wonderful teapots at Norwich Castle Museum. We then designed teapots and teacups with an Alice in Wonderland theme.  After choosing our favourite design, we carefully drew it onto card and chose between watercolour paint and pencil crayons to decorate them.  Do check out our blog this week as there are some lovely photos.
In Maths, we have continued to work on fractions.  We have continued to learn about equivalent fractions and have used Numicon to support us with adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator.

Year 5 -
This week we have started our new, history-focused topic called Peasants, Princes and Pestilence.  We are learning all about life in Britain in the middle ages during the period of the Black Death.  We have already written some super poems entitled Pestilence, which use lots of figurative language and vivid descriptions and have been busy building word banks to help us with our writing as the topic progresses.  
In maths, we are looking at different types of angles.  We can now confidently identify acute, obtuse, right and reflex angles and have enjoyed using protractors to measure different sized angles.  We are developing our protractor skills to measure and draw our own angles too, which has been good fun.
As part of our topic, we have been using our ICT skills to research the Black Death and learn more about its symptoms, causes and the spread of  this killer disease.  It is rather gruesome but enjoyable too!

Year 6 -
We went on a visit to Duxford Imperial War Museum on Tuesday this week where we were able to see real fighter planes from WW2. We found the lost Spitfire that we had learnt about in class amongst the many interesting exhibits. A big well done to all of year 6 for their excellent behaviour – they represented Mulbarton Primary School really well and a good time was enjoyed by all.
In class this week we have been creating pictures of the Blitz, using a variety of art materials. The children have also written drafts of their own stories about an evacuated child. We will be working on these and editing them until we are ready to write the final versions.
In PE we have been learning to play Jumpball and in maths we have focused on fractions as well as coordinates.


February 9th

Well done to all the children who took part in CASMA singing project. The performance at Open was wonderful and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone who attended. All our children behaved beautifully and were a real credit to the school.

Thank you so much for your support for the cake sale in aid of the Norwich Night shelter and very well done to Eva (and her mum!) for organising it. We will let you know the total raised after half term.

Have a lovely holiday.

Mrs Theobald

General News

If you would like your child to join the Norfolk Children’s University please see the flyer below and send in the reply slip by 22nd February. Norfolk Children’s University

Sports Equipment for schools
- we are now collecting tokens. Our collection box is adjacent to the upper school hall. Please see flyer for more details Sports for Schools

We have had a very exciting week learning all about Chinese New Year. The children have been working really hard to complete all of their Chinese New Year challenges in their booklet. Thank you very much to all of the parents that have come in to help us this week!

On Tuesday, we had a Music and Movement workshop which was lots of fun! The children will be bringing home their folder full of all the things they have made this week, we hope they will enjoy telling you all about Chinese New Year!

Date for the diary…Just a reminder that we will be having our Maths with Mummy Morning on Friday 9th March from 9-11:30am. We will be sending an invitation home with your child soon. We look forward to seeing you there.

Have a lovely half term!

Year 1
This week we have been practising for our Year 1 assembly. We all worked collaboratively to design props and staging to make our assembly even more exciting! We have loved retelling the story ‘The Way Back Home’ by Oliver Jeffers using actions.

We hope you enjoyed our assembly and thank you for coming. Please look on our blogs for photos.

In maths this week we have been looking at lots of different ways to represent a number of our choice. We experimented with number sentences; doubling and halving; more than and less than; and even multiples.

Throughout the week we have been doing mini sound and reading checks with the children. We have been practising spotting sounds in words and reading ‘alien’ nonsense words.

Instead of sending home spellings this week, please could we encourage you to use the sound cards and sheets to practise reading and recognising these sounds with your child over half term.

After half term we will be starting another new and exciting topic, Superheroes! To introduce our topic, we will be hosting a ‘Wow Day’ on  Wednesday 21thFebruary. (date incorrectly shown on the paper list sent home with your child today).  We would like to invite the children to come to school dressed in their best superhero costumes or brightly coloured clothing. As part of the Wow Day, the children will be making their own fruit kebabs. Please could you bring in some fruit and vegetables that your children like.

Please could you help your child to think about who their ‘real life’ hero is, ready for Monday 26th February, the first day back after half term, for our Wonderful Writing session. Children are welcome to bring in a photograph to stick in their books as their inspiration for writing about their hero.

Year 2
We started this week looking at fractions where we introduced what a fraction is and how we can represent fractions of shape.  Children had shapes that they were able to fold and shade fractions on, some children even recognised that some fractions are the same (equivalent). E.g.  1/2= 2/4

As an extra challenge, some of the children were also asked if they were able to divide the triangle into quarters.  After lots of investigation, they were able to do this with confidence.

Having investigated fractions of shape, we then began to look at fractions of number.  Children found ½, ¼, 1/3, 2/4 and ¾ of amounts. The children learnt that the bottom number was how many groups the number was split into equally and the top number was how many groups they counted.

Children used ICT to research famous artists.  They noted the ideas down before making their masterpiece.  The children used a mixture of materials such as clay, Modroc and paint.

To celebrate the end of our topic we are hosting an art gallery where children will showcase the masterpieces they have made.  This will be straight after school on Tuesday 20th February.  On Thursday afternoon, the children wrote a persuasive letter inviting you to the gallery.  They worked hard to include some persuasive language, which was the focus of the lesson. We talked to the children about how persuasive language really convinces someone to do something. The children were extremely good at being persuasive as you will see from some of the sentences they have used to convince you to come! Please do not worry though if, despite their best efforts at persuasion, you cannot make it this time. We have explained to the children that not all parents will be able to come but we needed all the children to complete this writing task which they did very well!

Have a lovely half term!

Mrs Wyer, Miss Cobb and Mrs Brooks.

Year 3
It’s been another busy and active week in Year 3. The children have had a lovely time in maths, collecting data and representing it in the form of bar charts. We have done lots of practical measuring activities including measuring our hands and feet; finding the tallest person in the class and weighing a variety of objects from around the classroom. The children have learned how to measure and record accurately. They collected their data and recorded it in a table before doing their bar chart.

In English, we have been reading and analysing limericks. First, the children read and memorised a limerick and performed this to the class. Then, using the limericks of Edward Lear, we studied the form of each poem and looked for patterns in the rhythm of the poems and in the rhyming structure. Our class reader this half term is Kenzuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo – and the children are really enjoying this book.

We have continued our geography work this week – looking at climate zones around the world and the children have written about the typical features of each climate.

Year 4
Well, we’ve moved from one end of the body to the other this week!  We have designed, made, consumed and evaluated delicious and nutritious fruit kebabs – trying to give our bodies lots of vitamins.  We have continued the fruit theme with our Art this week.  We looked at the work of Guiseppe Arcimoldi, an Italian painter who painted portraits made up of fruits and vegetables, and then the children did their own portraits in the same style.

In RE this week we have been investigating the miracles of Jesus using drama.  We have then started looking at the chronology of the Easter story, including finding out about Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday.  We will look at the rest of the story closer to Easter.

In Maths, we have started to look at fractions.  We have used concrete resources to represent fractions in different ways and to find equivalent fractions for a half and a third.  The children are really good at using the vocabulary.  Thank you to everyone who came to our Maths café today; we hope you found it useful and informative.

Year 5
A fantastic time was had by all in Penguin class this week. The Alchemy Island board games were finally finished in D&T and the children worked hard to put the final touches to their designs, game accessories and to also write some coherent rules. In relation to this, in English this week, the class have worked hard writing a script for a radio advert using persuasive writing. Recording them was fun and the children worked really hard to bring their characters to life.

It was clear to see the pride in the children in maths this week. Working with fractions began as a daunting task at the beginning of the unit. However, with determination and a huge amount of resilience, the class have become confident with converting, adding, multiplying and simplifying fractions. What with their fabulous behaviour and enthusiasm to learn, it was a real pleasure to teach the class this week.
Thank you to all those who came to our Maths Cafe, it was lovely to see so many families supporting the school. We hope you enjoyed it and had fun creating your fractional people.

Year 6
We have been learning all about the Blitz, with children creating public information and safety posters.  Year 6 children have put lots of effort into their topic homework, creating a range of interesting models, interview reports, posters and power-point presentations. We have enjoyed sharing them (photos of a selection of homework can be seen on the school blog). In maths we have been learning in a wide range of areas from ratio and proportion to rounding. We have worked collaboratively in music to create a series of sounds related to our WW2 topic.


February 2nd

We have had another lovely week in school with some great maths cafes and a super year 5 assembly. It was also lovely to be able to present our year 5 and 6 football team with the trophy they won last week.
On Friday mornings we are offering a course for parents around communication 'Communication Matters'. This first week was very good according to the parents who attended. Unfortunately the lack of attendees means the course may need to stop. Please contact the office if you are interested in attending. The course includes working with your own child in school.
There are more maths cafes next week as well as the year 1 assembly which we look forward to welcoming you to. The whole school disco is taking place on Thursday and should be great fun.
After half term we will be returning to the upper school  children lining up in a morning at 8.50 am and being walked into school. Lower school will remain unchanged.
Mrs Theobald

General news
School Disco on Thursday 8th. Please see flyer School Disco

Sports Equipment for schools. We will be collecting Tokens from the EDP, Norwich Evening News, Great Yarmouth Mercury, Lowestoft Journal, Beccles and Bungay Journal and the Dereham and Fakenham Times .
How to collect: A token will be published in the newspapers every day from February 5 to April 14, 2018. Usually on the back page for easy cut out, there will be two tokens in Saturday publications, also watch out for bonus token days as the campaign develops.

Kids Camps coming up for the February half term at Long Stratton High School and Wymondham Leisure Centre. Please see flyer Kids Camps

Year 3-4 Football round 3

Wow, what a performance from these brilliant boys on Wednesday.

Two games were played after the win against Bignold.B the boys were in the final. The team started strong and Oliver wasted no time in scoring first with a goal from free play. CJ was next to score, a first class pass from Tyler gave CJ a clear shot. Oliver's second goal was created from Nicholas's sharp defending which led to him clearing the ball to Oliver whose shot went straight in the top right corner of the net. Goal four came from the ever-threatening Tyler, he was all over the pitch waiting to seize the ball to score and he did with a cracker of a goal in the form of a ten-yard power shot. Half time was 4-0.

This team did not slow down at all during this second half. Still attacking Bignold just didn't know what to do with them, and you guessed it Tyler was once again involved in the next goal, this time a superb pass to Liam who then thundered down the wing and smashed the ball in the net, (definitely a contender for goal of the tournament.) Jesse who very kindly stepped in at the last minute, set up Liam's second goal, again another piece of magic from this year 3 maestro. Jesse just overpowered his player and cleverly lobbed the ball at Liam's feet who then scored his second goal so effortlessly. CJ and Oliver then added to the goal tally. Oliver completed his hat trick with a one two past several players and CJ scored his second passing all six outfield players to score goal number eight.

The final

Bignold.A was our opposition for this must win game. We started off with some good chances from CJ and Liam. Then disaster struck, we conceded a goal just before half time. We discussed what we needed to improve on and boy did we do it. Within a minute Oliver determined as ever zoomed through midfield to strike a low ball in the bottom right hand corner, it was now one a piece. Guess what? Yes, Oliver was on the rampage again darting in and out of the opposition stopping at nothing to get the ball in the net, CJ and Tyler were on hand to assist and Oliver finished like Harry Kane cool, calm and collected. 2-1 to us. Samuel and Nicholas were amazing for those few remaining minutes, clearing every single ball that came close to our goal. Gilby who was also drafted into the team made some vital saves to keep our hopes alive. I for one was desperately waiting for the final whistle. They had done it YESSSSSSSSS! Year 3-4 had retained the trophy.

So very proud of you all today, Gilby, magnificent saves, Nicholas and Samuel as ever demon defending, Liam, Tyler, CJ, and Jesse midfield maestros and finally, Oliver, your determination shone through. What an amazing team, Thank You for such a wonderful tournament.

Year 5/6 Final

The final game for the boys was against Norwich primary academy and they marked the occasion with their 31st goal of the tournament in just the 6th game! Liam scored after some precise passing from Oscar and Noah with the latter getting the assist. However, our joy was compounded when Norwich primary equalized almost immediately with a magnificent shot leaving Max with no chance. The boys calmed their nerves to take the lead with Liam scoring with a skilled close-range finish after Noah cleverly pulled it back to Noah to claim the assist. After half-time the boys held firm by withstanding intense pressure from the opposition and with 2 minutes remaining they killed off the chance of a comeback by Noah scoring his second goal from a snapshot with his back to goal set up by a roll-in from Liam. Jude and Connor defended the goal like mavericks whilst Max P pulled the strings in midfield. Jake and Daniel tested the goalkeeper on numerous occasions and were unlucky not too score. YESSSSSSSSS! Year 5-6 had done it, winning the trophy for the first time, I am so very proud of all of you and all the work you have put in over the last 4 months. 33 goals scored and only 1 goal conceded throughout the whole 12 mins of all 6 games.  A magnificent achievement by all.

This week the children have been learning the digraphs ‘sh’ and ‘ai’ and have been learning to write them in words and sentences.

In maths we have been focusing on teen numbers. The children have been learning to recognise and write teen numbers through games.

Please don’t forget to bring in junk modelling materials from home – it is a very popular area of the base!

We are really looking forward to our ‘Chinese New Year Challenge Week’ next week! Thank you to all of you that said you would help us! On Tuesday, your child may come to school dressed in red as it is our music and movement dance workshop.

When we read with your child, please leave the book that we have given them in their book bag. We will change that book the next time we read with your child.

Year 1
This week in year 1, we have been learning alternative sounds for o and i and we now know them as I like in kind and O like in open.  Over the next few weeks, we will be sending some children home a pack containing sound flashcards for you to help them with their learning, other children will receive a sheet with the latest sounds we have learnt.  Please look in your child’s book bag to find it.  In English, we have been thinking about speech bubbles and what the boy and Martian might be saying to each other in the story ‘The Way Back Home’.  We have drawn a story map and written sentences to help us remember the story in preparation for our year group assembly.  Our assembly is Thursday 8th February 2.30pm – 3pm, we look forward to seeing you there.
We hope you enjoyed our maths café and thank you for your feedback.  The children really enjoyed showing you our maths resources and how we use them.  We have gone on to practise making numbers in different ways during daily activities.

In topic this week, we have been exploring rockets and how they are powered; by making balloon rockets.  We thought of ways to conduct a fair test and record our predictions and actual answers.  We then explored ways to change the experiment and make the balloon travel further.

Year 1 Assembly
: If your Child has a speaking part in the assembly they will bringing their lines home tonight to practice over the weekend.   

Year 2
This week in Year 2 we have been continuing to learn about and write poetry. On Tuesday we looked at a range of shape poems and wrote a shape poem in the shape of a Rainbow. The children thought about each colour of the rainbow and used their senses to describe them, for example:
‘Red looks like a fire engine and tastes like strawberries…..’
You can see these on display in the corridor.

On Friday we then wrote repeated pattern poems about the story ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’. The children thought of lots of things that could happen on the day the crayons quit, for example: ‘The day the crayons quit I felt very sad. The day the crayons quit I couldn’t colour in’.

During both these sessions some children challenged themselves to use some rhyming in their poems.

In Maths we have been busy learning to tell them time. We made paper plate clocks with the added element on minutes underneath and split into quarters. Many children are becoming more confident telling the time to quarter past and quarter to. Some children can even tell the time to the nearest 5 mins. Please practise telling the time at home as this is an area that some children find challenging.

In Art this week we have been recreating famous paintings. We cut the paintings up and each children used colour mixing to recreate their individual piece. We then put all the pieces together to make the original.

In Spanish we have continued learning numbers and applying our skills through games.

We have been made aware of some issues regarding spellings being sent home. We would like to make you aware that we only send them home if their spelling book has been returned to school so that they do not go missing. Their books are returned home to you on a Tuesday.

We are very much looking forward to our Maths Café on Monday. Tea and coffee will be available from 9:00 in the lower school hall and we will join you at 9:15.

A date for your diaries -
We have booked for Year 2 to go on a trip to UEA to use the Spring Gymnastics facilities and do some other sports to launch our next topic ‘Bounce’. We will be going to UEA for the morning on Friday 23rd February 2018 and we will also be having lunch there. Children will need a packed lunch on this day. A letter with more information will be sent home very soon.

Have a lovely weekend

Year 3

We had our final visit from Christina at Tesco this week and the children made the bread roll which they had planned. They had great fun shaping their roll, adding the toppings and waiting in anticipation for the rolls to cook. Hopefully, the rolls made it home in one piece!

In maths we have begun our unit on measure. In the first lesson, the children measured each other’s height in cm and converted these measurements to metres and centimetres.  In the second lesson – the children measured each other’s feet in mm and converted to cm. They had a great time in these active maths lessons.

On the subject of maths, can we say a big ‘Thank you’ to all of the parents who took part in our maths café which, I hope you will agree, was a great success. The children certainly enjoyed themselves.

In English this week, we have begun a new unit on nonsense poetry. Today, the children have read a biography of Edward Lear and are enjoying discovering lots of interesting facts about this poet and artist.

Year 4

We have been putting all of our Digestion and Explanation text knowledge to good use this week, as we have been writing explanations of the digestive system. This has involved lots more giggles about the word 'poop', but at least we now know where it comes from and how it is made!

We have been practicing and perfecting written methods for division this week, moving onto using those methods to solve one, two and multi step word problems.  We are going to start looking at fractions next week.

In DT we have been designing fruit kebabs and thinking about their nutritional value. Next week we will be making, eating and evaluating them - yum!

In PE this week, we have been continuing to develop our dynamic balancing skills and having a lot of fun working on our hand ball coordination, competing against the clock to complete skills a certain amount of times. It is safe to say that there were balls everywhere and a lot of laughter involved.

Year 5

This week Year 5 have been busy preparing for our assembly. We hope you enjoyed it, it you were unable to make it we are planning to upload a video of it to our blog so you can watch it there.

We have been working collaboratively this week to create board games linked to Alchemy Island and will be finishing these off next week before trying to play them.

In English we have been looking at emotive language and how it is used in song lyrics. We had a go a writing some songs of our own. We have continued to improve our understanding of Fractions this week in maths and have really preserved and grown in confidence. We look forward to seeing you in our Maths Café next week on Thursday between 9-10.

Year 6

Year 6 children have been working hard this week producing lots of fantastic writing! Not only have we finished writing up our newspaper report on the floating football pitch of Kho Panyee village, we have also been writing up our evacuee letters and writing our latest newspaper report on the Battle of Britain! Phew!

In other news, we have started mixing the Jaguars and Snow Leopards for reading, grammar and maths lessons each day as we begin our preparations for the upcoming SATs. The children have been rising to the challenge and have been working hard in their groups.

Finally, thanks to all the parents who attended our maths café on growth mindset, resilience and problem solving. It was a fantastic event which was enjoyed by adults and children alike!


January 26th

I am extremely proud of the children in year 2 who took part in the Dance Showcase on Wednesday at The Open in Norwich. They have worked very hard rehearsing over the last few weeks and it was a long day, but the performances were amazing! Well done and thank you to all involved.

Congratulation to our newly appointed House Captains and Prefects.

It is Maths café next week. Monday is Year 3, Tuesday is Year 1, and Thursday is Year 6.

Mrs Theobald
Head Teacher

General News

Two of our pupils are organising a bake sale on the 8th and 9th of February, to raise funds for the Norwich Night Shelter. Please see flyer for more information Bake Sale

Please see flyers below regarding Home start and SEND.

Football Tournament.
On Wednesday the 17th January, Mrs Bidder and Mr Lawrence’s football teams played their final tournament at the UEA. Mr Lawrence’s team was up first against Bignold Primary. Alfie caught an early goal against a rattled Bignold. After the first goal, with assists from Colby, Finlay and Oscar, Alfie got another 4 goals to lead the team to victory with a 5-0 win. Mr Lawrence’s second game was against a strong Bluebell Road team. Alfie once again scored a cracking goal from an excellent cross from Alexander. Unfortunately, just before half time, Bluebell evened the score with a powerful shot, with Kayden getting his fingertips on the ball, but not saving the shot, an excellent effort. After half time, Mr Lawrence and his team were keen to get back in front. Alexander came up from defence into midfield, allowing him to get into a good space and hammer the ball into the back of the net! Soon after, with a mistake from the opposite teams defence, Alfie had a shot at goal, chipping it into the top right hand corner right over the keeper! An excellent finish!! Mr Lawrence’s team came 3rd out of 9 teams overall in the competition. Congratulations to all who took part, you all worked extremely hard and were an excellent football team.
Weekly News


This week we have been story scribing with the children, this involves the children creating a story with support from an adult and then over time, increasingly writing more and more of the words themselves. Within this, the children have been blending, segmenting and looking for tricky words, alike they would when reading. At the end of the day, the children get the opportunity to act their story out to the rest of the class and show their writing. Some weeks, we may decide to story scribe with the children instead of read so you may not always see a message in your child’s reading record every week. The latest stories that your child has written will be pinned up on their board on the displays around the classroom, please take a look to see the progress your child has made.

In phonics we have been learning the sounds qu and ch. These are known as digraphs – two letters that make one sound. We have also been learning to segment and write words with these digraphs, for example: qu-i-t or ch-i-p. When reading with your child please encourage them to read the letters as one sound.

We have also been learning about shapes this week, the children have been learning to find 2d shapes in the classroom, recognise 2d shapes and talk about their properties.

The topic we have been learning about this week is ‘African Animals’.

We will be sending a letter home to explain what happens during ‘Chinese New Year Week’ which is the week commencing 5th February. We have lots of Chinese challenges for the children to complete which need adult support, therefore we would welcome parent help. Please look out for the letter.

Please remember to bring in recycling material from home for our ‘Junk Modelling Area’. It is a popular place for the children to play therefore we quickly run out of junk!

We haven’t been able to take the children to use the school library due to lack of available adults, however it is something we would love to be able to do! Are there any parents/grandparents that are willing to commit to help on a regular basis so that the children can choose from a wonderful, varied selection of books? Please speak to a member of staff if you can help.

Year 1

On Monday we had special visitor who gave us another memorable experience for our Moon Zoom topic. We had Dr Mandy Hartley in from The Little Story Telling Company who put on an interactive space themed story experience for year 1. Her friend Ruff also came to help. Once again we blasted off into space in search of a new planet. Ruff sent the drone out onto the planet to check that it was ok for us to leave the rocket. We all explored together, using binoculars, to see what we could spot on this very unusual planet. Coloured scarfs were shared out and children were chosen to dress as aliens. Unfortunately, the green haired aliens were glowing in the dark. A predator soon game along and killed them!

The white-haired aliens caught a cold, that was the end of them too! A new breed of aliens had been created that could withstand loud music, coughs and colds and predators. They were well adapted to their planet with long noses to reach the food, dark hair and a good immune system.

In maths we have carried on with time, looking at our daily routines and what time of day we do things. We also learnt about measuring time in minutes and seconds using stop watches. We timed activities for one minute to see how many we could do. For example, how many star jumps we could do in one minute.

We have also been learning about the history of space travel and astronauts. The children made their own space time timelines of the events they could remember. These included the first dog sent into space, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin’s first moon landing and they also enjoyed learning about a millionaire who paid 20 million pounds to fly into space!

The children should have brought home an invitation to our Maths Café on Tuesday 30th January at 9 am. We look forward to seeing those of you who can make it. We would also like to invite you to our year 1 assembly on Thursday 8th February at 2.30pm in the lower school hall.

Have a great weekend, From the Year 1 Team

Year 2

This week we have been continuing our food-based theme for ‘Muck, Mess and Mixtures’ by writing poetry about different foods.

We began by reading and writing riddles. The children worked hard to make their riddles quite specific in order for it to be guessed, for example;

I am brown and creamy.
I am hard, bumpy and usually a rectangular shape.

You can buy me in a shop.

I am eaten as a treat.

When cold I am hard but when hot I melt.

What am I?

We then moved on to writing acrostic poems later in the week. Some children challenged themselves to write a double acrostic and used synonyms.

In Maths we have carried on our capacity work and moved on to weighing. We looked at reading the scales on jugs in millilitres. The scales were in divisions of 2s, 5s and 10s. Some children read scales with missing numbers.

At the end of the week we estimated and weighed food items in grams and compared using the more than and less than symbols.

In Art we looked at the artist Carl Warner who creates foodscapes. We drew our own foodscape scenes, such as underwater, and made sure everything in the picture was made from a food.

We are very proud of all the children who took part in the Dance Showcase on Wednesday. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

We have noticed over the last few weeks that some of the children have been forgetting to bring their spelling books for the Monday spelling test. Please could you as far as possible ensure your child brings their book in on a Monday so that we can make sure they can do their test in their books and set their new spellings.

As we are now halfway through the year in Year 2 please could you begin to drop your child off outside the cloakroom door and allow them to come in independently and do their jobs. If you need to speak to a member of staff, please do feel free to come in and talk to us.

Thanks for all your continued support and have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Wyer, Mrs Brooks and Miss Cobb.

Year 3

We’ve had a busy week in year 3 this week. The children have had great fun planning and writing their own recipes. They have produced some excellent writing as a result of the work they have done. In maths, we have completed our final week of multiplication and division and the children have been practising various strategies to help them to divide and multiply. As part of our topic work, we have been doing some geography. This week, the children have been doing some map work and next week – to link in with our Design Technology work - they will be thinking about the ingredients that they found in the sandwiches that we looked at and where in the world this food comes from. Next week, we will have another visit from Tesco and the children will have the opportunity to make their own bread product.

Year 4

If you need help with brushing your teeth, we are the people to ask!  We have continued to work on Explanation texts in English, building up to writing our own one on how to brush your teeth properly.  This has involved gathering together everything we know for each language feature – which it turns out, is a lot!

We have been doing some tricky Maths this week, looking at commutativity and starting to think about division.  The children have enjoyed using concrete resources to support and explore these.  At the start of the week, we loved drawing bugs to demonstrate our knowledge of factor pairs.

In Science, we have been continuing our work on the digestive system through creating diagrams and flow charts to demonstrate our understanding of the main parts and their functions.

In PE, we have been practising our dynamic balancing skills and continuing to develop and vary our balances and methods of travel using the apparatus.

Look out next week for an invitation to our Maths café which is happening on Friday 9th February at 9am.

Year 5

This week, pupils in Puffins and Penguins have finished writing and editing their Chief Alchemist soliloquy.  We hope that we will be able to share some of these with you next week at our Year 5 assembly.

We have continued to develop our understanding of fractions and have been doing a variety of activities to compare and order them.  We have also been working on our reasoning and problem solving skills during our Marvellous Maths sessions.

During our English lessons, we have explored a variety of different board games.  Each class has set up small design teams to create and develop their own fantasy board games with an Alchemy Island theme.  We have had some fantastic and very creative board designs and character ideas and are going to compete for resources to build the games in a Dragons’ Den type activity.  Next week we will construct our board games and write instructions detailing how to play them.

We have continued our RealPE lessons and have enjoyed mini sitting volleyball tournaments.  We have also had great fun doing the Haka with Mrs Amis during our carousel morning.  

Year 6

In maths this week, year 6 have been working with co-ordinates and plotting them in all for quadrants. Who knew the other 3 quadrants had been there all along! We've been translating and reflecting shapes on a four quadrant grid.
We've also been writing letters home to family, as if we were WWII evacuees, showing how much we have learnt about what it would have been like. we've had some fun writing dialogue between a couple of cartoon wild west criminals. After brushing up on on writing skills, we are writing our final version of a newspaper report, independently.
In PE we have been working on team skills and how to work towards a common goal.


January 19th
Dear Parents/Carers,
It has been drawn to our attention that a number of parents are parking illegally around the school at drop off and pick up times. For the safety of our pupils and their families, please walk to school if you can or use the village hall car park.
I am pleased to let you know that the application to put a path off Long Lane, into the school grounds is now being submitted by Children services. Hopefully opening up the pedestrian entrance will encourage more walking to school.
Mrs Bev Theobald
Mulbarton Primary school

News from the Office
Year 3  - How Hill trip payment reminder
The next instalment, £40, was due this week and the final amount, £28, is due by Monday 5th February. (Your receipt will show what you have paid so far, but if unsure please contact the school office.)
If you pay by cheque please make it payable to Mulbarton Primary School.

May we politely remind parents not to drive on to school premises between the hours of 7.45am and 4.30pm.  This is to ensure the safety of all our children whilst on our site.

Please see attached letter regarding attendance at school.

Please see the link below for Woodwind lessons.  The children had an assembly on this last week, if you would like your child to start or if you require any further information, please complete the slip and return to the office.  If you need a paper copy, please let us know.
Woodwind lessons

Please see flyers below regarding Family voice and Tennis lessons.
Family voice

Weekly News

This week we have been learning all about creatures that live under the sea. The children have been enjoying learning about another habitat.
We have had another fantastic week of Show and Tell! The children have been speaking about their chosen animal confidently and have answered questions about their animal to their friends. If you are unsure about when your child is due to present their Show and Tell, please speak to a member of staff in Reception.
In Maths we have been subtracting. The children have been learning to use number lines to work out the answer by counting the jumps. We have also been writing our number sentences, using our number formation rhymes to write the numbers.
The children have also been doing some 1:1 number work with an adult in the base. The children have been practising to recognise numbers, talk about bigger and smaller numbers and order the number cards to 20.
In phonics we have been learning the sounds x and z. The children have now finished learning all of the single sounds, next week we will be learning about digraphs – two letters making one sound!
Please remember to bring in ‘junk’ from home for our junk modelling area. We are in need of boxes or other recycling materials for the children to make models – it has been a very popular area this week!

Year 1
It has been another exciting week in Year 1!
In Wonderful Writing this week we used amazing adjectives to describe pictures of aliens. We read the story ‘Aliens Love Underpants’ to give us some inspiration and wrote some fantastic descriptions. We also had a go at writing our own acrostic poems for ALIENS or ROCKET.
In maths this week we have been learning how to tell the time. We have been practising making o’clock and half past times. We even challenged ourselves to have a go at making quarter to and quarter past times! We used paper plates to make our own clocks which are now on display in our classroom and look brilliant.
In computing we used a drawing app on the iPads and interactive whiteboard screen to design and create own aliens. We experimented with the tools first before sketching and adding detail to our creations.
On Wednesday morning we enjoyed a music and movement session with Miss Helen. We pretended to blast off into space in our rockets and zoom around the glazy! On our way, we landed on the moon and passed sparkly satellites. We then choreographed our own satellite dances in groups and used a big piece of tin foil as a prop.
Have a lovely weekend – the year 1 team

Year 2
We started this week by looking at Roald Dahl’s ‘Revolting Recipes.’  Children looked at the ingredients and made decisions on what they thought they would taste like.  The focus of Monday’s English was to learn about ‘bossy’ verbs.  Children looked at the recipe for snozzcumbers and highlighted all the bossy verbs they could find.  E.g. Cut, scoop.  We then made our own snozzcumbers which children then ate if they wished to.  Some children said they did not like them and then ate it all!! They even said they would like to make them at home with you!
In science this week we investigated ‘how big is a bubble?’.  We made our own bubble mixture, then tested what shape children thought bubbles would be. E.g. If we had a square shaped wand, would the bubble be a square?  Children had lots of fun doing this activity.
As part of our Maths this week we have been looking at multiplication as arrays.  Children made array buildings and understood that multiplication calculations can be done in any order, they are commutative.  We then extended this by introducing to the children the concept that multiplication is actually repeated addition.
We have been tasting food from around the world and the children thought of adjectives to describe them as well as giving their opinions about them.
Thank you very much to the PTA for providing us with some yummy food.  It was a great experience for the children!
To end this week, we have been looking at capacity.  Children estimated and measured amounts of water and made predictions of which jugs they thought would have the largest capacity.
We just like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your kind cards and gifts at Christmas, it was very generous of you and much appreciated.

Year 3
On Wednesday of this week, Christina from Tesco visited year 3 and brought with her a range of breads from around the world for the children to taste. The children had great fun tasting and describing all of the products she brought with her. This was the launch of our new topic – Scrumdiddlyumptious.
In Maths this week, we have continued the teaching and learning about multiplication and division, which was started at the end of last term. The children have also completed two maths assessments this week – one on calculation and one involving reasoning and problem-solving.
In English, we are continuing our unit on instructions and our instruction writing is now well underway. The children have also completed an English comprehension assessment this week.
The homework sheet for this half term was sent out at the beginning of the week. Could we please ask that you continue to encourage your children to do their homework – in addition to daily reading with an adult and learning of the 3x, 6x and 8x table.
Mrs Penton, Miss Savory and Mr Clarke

Year 4
Well it just gets messier and messier in Year 4! Wednesday’s Science lesson on the digestive system, involved a lot of bodily functions and noises.  We made poo – the children were very proud of this achievement! Check out our blogs to see some pictures of the experience.
In English, we have been tempting our taste buds while writing the sequence of the Cadbury’s Advert for the Marvellous Creations bar.  We are now getting very good at recognising how cause and effect are used in explanatory sentences and adding in causal conjunctions – tricky stuff!
In Maths we have been exploring the inverse relationships between the four operations.  We have been really successful with this, especially looking at multiplication and division.
Year 3 and 4 had their Mulbarton Primary School’s Got Talent final on Tuesday.  Lion class were very excited that one of their pride won!
In gymnastics we got the apparatus out this week and the children enjoyed exploring this.  We will continue this over the rest of the half term.

Year 5
Year 5 have continued to enjoy their Alchemy Island topic, especially the science lessons.  This week we have created a ‘Fountain of Gold’ as part of our investigations into reversible and irreversible changes.  As you will shortly see on our blog, we had great fun doing this activity.
In Maths, we did two progress checks at the start of the week to see where we are with our learning, then moved onto fractions.  We have been building on our existing knowledge of fractions and improving our confidence as fractions can be daunting!  So far, we have created colourful fraction walls and investigated sets of equivalent fractions by folding paper.
In English, as part of our learning about soliloquies we looked at the plot of the Tempest by William Shakespeare.  We have also started writing our own soliloquy as the Chief Alchemist on Alchemy Island.  There have been some super ideas so far and we are looking forward to finishing these and sharing them with you.

Year 6
This week we started to look at newspaper report writing in English, as we considered the features of this text type by looking at an article about Tim Peake. We also completed our ‘cold-writing task’, showing what we know already by writing an article about the World War 1 Christmas truce.
Friday has been particularly exciting since we found out who our next new set of prefects will be (along with our new house captains!) We are already looking forward to our new roles around school and hope that parents will be able to join us in celebrating these appointments on Friday 26 January (letters are coming home so that you can confirm if you are able to attend.)

Dear Parents and Carers

Welcome back to the new term. I trust you all enjoyed a good break over Christmas. The children have certainly settled well and have been enjoying the week of inspiration maths. Do look on the class blogs to catch up on what we have been up to.

Years 1 -3 have enjoyed a live performance of Peter Pan today. The same company are returning in the summer term to perform The Hobbit to years 4 - 6. I hope the children find these experiences inspirational as well as entertaining.

Thank you for your continued support and words of encouragement as we continue to establish Mulbarton Primary School as an outstanding place to learn and grow.

We would like to have a simple one-line description of our school. So far we only have "Learning to grow, growing to learn"

If parents or children have any other ideas we would love to hear them. Please email your thoughts to the office.

Happy New Year.

Bev Theobald

General News

Returning forms and payments to school - this can be done either via your child or class tray.  Alternatively, there is a red postbox in the entrance lobby and also one in the lower school (next to the old office) for you to use.

Please make sure the correct amount is in a sealed envelope with your child's name and event clearly marked (we are happy to accept recycled envelopes or money bags! (Providing they are sealed, so the money is safe.)
Cheques can now be paid to Mulbarton Primary School.

Salvation Army clothing and shoes collection - we have bags for this which we will be giving to the children next week.  There are not enough for every child, however, you can place donations in any carrier bag and bring to the bin which is in the car park outside the office.

Exemplar Education - every child (reception - year 6) will be bringing home an envelope from this company.  They offer online literacy and numeracy support programmes.  The school does not promote this and there is no obligation to respond, however, the school does receive a financial donation from Exemplar Education for every response they receive back so please return the envelope (regardless of whether it's a yes or no!)

Weekly News


Thank you to all of the parents that came on our Winter Welly Walk! We had a wonderful time and enjoyed our warm waffles when we walked back! We were very proud of how well the children walked and listened to the adults.

The sounds we have been learning this week are w, j, v and y.

In maths we have been learning about adding. The children have been using numicon to add numbers together by counting on from the largest number and then writing the number sentence.

We have also been learning about the polar regions this week, the children have enjoyed learning about new animals in a different habitat and continuing to enjoy the role play.

Children in Birch group have started show and tell this week. If you are unsure about when your child is doing their show and tell please ask a member of staff in the base. Look out for the show and tell observation on Tapestry.

We have noticed that some children have been more reluctant to leave parents in the mornings. Please don’t worry this is normal after returning from the Christmas break. The children do settle very quickly once you have left them. Feel free to speak to us if you are concerned.

Year 1

What an exciting week we have had in year 1 this week – something crashed onto our playing field.  We watched a video of the crash landing and then went outside to investigate the materials that had been left behind.  We interviewed the teachers to find out what they knew about the crash and then practised using speech marks to record their answers.  We used this mystery to begin writing a newspaper report for wonderful writing.  During Science we investigated the materials from the crash and had a go at classifying them and using adjectives to describe them.  It has been our week of inspirational maths and for this we have been telling the children about growth mind-set and how nobody is born with a maths brain but that we can all be good at maths and whenever we practise our brain grows and develops.  The children practised using four isosceles triangles to make different combinations of patterns following some simple rules.  They then looked for number patterns within visual pictures and were surprised at how many different ways they could see patterns of familiar numbers.  We all enjoyed a performance of Peter Pan as a treat on Friday.  Please remember to check your child’s book bag for their weekly spellings and their new home learning.  Have a great weekend!

Year 2

Happy New Year!! It is lovely to see the children fresh for the start of a new year and we hope that you all had a fantastic break.

We have started the new year with a week of inspirational maths.  The whole school are taking part and it involves watching videos about the importance of maths, different strategies for solving maths, how the brain develops when you correct a mistake and how speed is not important.  Activities have included sorting, different ways of representing number and working as part of a team.

Our new topic this half-term is muck, mess and mixtures.  The children had lots of fun exploring different textures during our messy morning, they came up with a list of wonderful adjectives to describe the properties of the mixtures.   We then wrote sentences as part of our English, describing what the mixtures felt like.  Some children used commas to list their describing words, such as soft, silky.  We had a really big focus on handwriting ensuring that the children made their tall letters tall and their monkey letters hanging under the line.  Many children are now starting to apply joined up writing.

As part of our topic we have begun reading George’s Marvellous Medicine this week.  Children have written character descriptions using adjectives and interesting vocabulary as well as invented their own magical medicines which they chose who they would give it to and what effect it would have.

In art this week we have had lots of fun making marble/bubble paintings.  Children mixed their own colours and discussed how marbling paints differ from normal poster paint and the reasons why it does not mix with water.

Year 3

We have had a fantastic start to the year in Kestrels and Peregrines: All week, the children have been taking part in the third Week of Inspirational Maths. They have taken part in a wide range of activities and challenges to help them to see maths in a range of different ways and to boost their confidence in maths. They have been incredibly enthusiastic about their work this week and have produced some fantastic outcomes.

In English, we have begun a new unit, looking at Instructions. The children have been identifying the common features of instruction texts and have begun to write their own.

In Science, we have had great fun using our senses to describe a range of foods. Next week, as you know, we will be having a visit from Christina at Tesco and the children will be tasting a range of breads from around the world. This experience will feed into both our topic work and our English work over the coming weeks.

Year 4

We have had a lovely start to the term! We started our new topic: Burps, Bottoms and Bile with lots of giggles and a very interesting visit from a dental nurse. The children were so enthusiastic and had so many questions for her that she’s had to take some of them away and is going to send us the answers by email!

We have also been loving our Inspirational Maths lessons this week.  We have found out that no-one is born with a Maths brain – we can all develop one, and that mistakes are what make our brains grow (as long as we believe in ourselves and keep trying).  Mrs Bird and Miss Argyle’s brains grew a lot when they were preparing the geometry lesson on cutting shapes out using one straight cut!

We have started our work on Explanation texts in English, using the fantastic text ‘Until I met Dudley’.  We were amazing at finding causal conjunctions and are looking forward to using them in our writing over the rest of the week and in our explanation texts on teeth.

It’s all been a bit messy in Science this week (don’t tell the cleaners!).  We had fun using the disclosing tablets and evaluating our brushing skills.  Everything turned rather blue for a while!  We have also been investigating the effect that certain drinks have on our teeth, using eggs.  These are still brewing nicely(!)

Year 5

Since returning from the Christmas break, Year 5 pupils have thrown themselves into their new Alchemy Island topic.  In English, they have solved an ancient riddle and used their research skills to find out about Gold.

They have enjoyed a Week of Inspirational Maths.  This has involved developing maths resilience through a variety of individual, paired and group activities.  They have learnt that making mistakes is a major part of learning as this is how their brains grow.

Their topic work has included investigating the properties of various weird and wonderful samples from Alchemy Island and using their scientific skills to separate different mixtures.

They have also had a visit from Dr Dee Enay, which included a practical session looking at physical and chemical changes.  All the children had a fabulous time as you can see from the photos on our blog!

Year 6

During our first full week in school, Year 6 have been taking part in some fantastic growth mindset maths learning activities. We have learnt that our brains are always growing and, whenever we make mistakes, it just makes the connections in our brain even stronger! Take a look at our class blogs for some photos of the activities.

In the afternoons, we have been introducing our new topic – A Child’s War. This term, we will be learning all about World War 2 and what it was like to be a child during this period of history. We’ve been thinking about what it was like to be an evacuee, role-playing children leaving in 1939.

For your information:

Term Dates 2018

Spring Term 2018
School opens Thursday 4th January
School closes Friday 9th February - School opens Monday 19th February
School closes Wednesday 28th March - School opens Monday 16th April
School closed Monday 7th May.
School closes Friday 25th May - School opens Monday 4th June
School closes Tuesday 24th July

Dates for the academic year 2018/2019 have been published by Norfolk County Council and can be found on the Council website

Please see attached flyers regarding the school's Valentine's Disco, Kung Fu classes, NCFC event and Family Learning mornings.  We have also attached a letter for woodwind lessons - these are only for years 4, 5 and 6.  We still have spaces for both violin (years 3 - 6) and guitar lessons (years 1 - 6.)  Please contact the office for details.

December 15th

General News
We had some fantastic entries into our Extreme Reading competition and we are pleased to announce the winners are as follows:-

Lower School - Nate Thorpe (Bumble Bees), Freddie Arend (Hedgehogs) and Arthur Wallwork (Squirrels)

Upper School - Eleanor Neville (Jaguars), Lloyd Slaughter (Penguins) and Kieran (Jaguars) and Lewis Dickerson (Snow Leopards)

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all of you who sent us in your pictures!  Enjoy your reading over the Christmas holidays.

We have had some wonderful bug houses brought into school to help to create our bug hotel.  Thank you to all those who have contributed to this project.

We are very proud of our Year 1 and Year 2 children performing in their nativity this week.  We hope that you all enjoyed the performances and as promised Stuart Beard took some photographs of the children who were in the tableau. You can find the link here:

password is Mulbarton@

You can get a 50% discount on any order by using the code MPS22017  which is valid until 21st.

The children have all looked very festive today in their Christmas jumpers in aid of Save the Children.  Anyone still to pay their contribution, please bring it in to the office as soon as possible.

School closes for the holidays on Tuesday next week the 19th December at 3.15pm.  School reopens for the new term on Thursday 4th January 2018.  Doors open for the children to arrive into school at 8.45am ready to start work for the day at 9am.  
All of the staff at Mulbarton Primary School wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Weekly News

The children have had a great week making Christmas cards, writing in their Christmas cards and enjoying Christmas activities in base.
The children have loved our ‘Father Christmas Workshop’ role play and have enjoyed looking for the elves in the classrooms.
We had a wonderful time on Thursday eating Christmas lunch in the hall with the children. They were very excited to have crackers and listen to Christmas music as we ate.
If you have not yet given the £1 donation for ‘Christmas Jumper Day’ then please hand it in to the office – it is not too late.
Have a wonderful Christmas!
Thank you for all your support this term,
The Reception Team

Year One
Wow what a busy but fun and festive week we have had. First we would like to congratulate the children for their fantastic Christmas Nativity performances. We are very proud of them and we hope you enjoyed watching it. Thankyou for all your support in helping the children to quickly learn their lines and for bringing back them to school for the evening performances.
In between the dress rehearsal and performances this week, we have carried on with our Christmas craft gifts which the children will be bringing home next week. We have also completed a sound assessment with the children and we will shortly be sending home a sound tag with sounds to learn for those children who need extra practise to help them to learn them.
We had a lovely Christmas lunch with the Children on Thursday and Thankyou for the donations given on Christmas jumper day.
Next we look forward to a Christmas film morning on Monday and a Christmas party in the year 1 base on Tuesday afternoon.
We hope you have a lovely weekend and enjoy the final run up to Christmas.

Year Two
The children have done a wonderful job on the nativity this week, thank you to all those parents who brought their children back in the evening for the performances.  The children have produced some beautiful winter scene art work with charcoal, white paint and glitter and written some wonderful pieces of descriptive writing to go with these.  They have really worked hard and we were really proud of the work.  They are up in the classroom if any parents would like to pop in and have a look.  They have also made some fantastic sock snowmen which they will be bringing home next week.  The children and staff really enjoyed this activity.  This morning we have learnt about Christmas in Spain, learnt some Christmas related vocabulary and made Spanish Christmas cards.  Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and look forward to seeing you all back in the new year.
Miss Cobb, Mrs Wyer and Mrs Brooks

Year Three
In this last full week of the autumn term, the children have had fun completing a range of Christmas-themed maths and English activities: In maths, they continued to work on strategies for multiplying and dividing and used all four operations to crack codes some Christmas codes.
In English, we have been focussing on grammar and spelling this week and the children have also been tested on their red spelling words, which were sent home at the beginning of this half term. We will be sending out the next set of red spelling words (along with your child’s results from this week’s test) at the beginning of next term. I hope that you will continue to support your child in learning these words.
This week, Kestrel class had their last swimming lesson until they re-start lessons in the week after we return from How Hill. It has been lovely to see how much progress the children have made in their swimming and how much they have enjoyed these sessions. I will send out a reminder before we re-start swimming in the second half of the spring term. Peregrines will re-start their swimming lessons on Wednesday mornings next half term.
As this is our last newsletter of the year, we would like to take the opportunity to wish you and your families a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.
Miss Savory, Mrs Penton and Mrs Winter

Year Four
This week in Maths we have been looking at the perimeter of rectilinear shapes. The children have been really good at defining and using the key vocabulary in this topic. Giraffes were so excited they created rectilinear reindeer for a class competition!
At the start of the week, we worked together to retell the Nativity story and create a storyboard for it. We have also watched ‘The Snowman and the Snowdog’ and used this to inspire our own stories.
In Art we have created our clay pot masterpieces, showing great resilience and problem solving skills.
We have enjoyed getting into the Christmas spirit and are looking forward to our carol service on Tuesday morning.
On Monday Giraffes will be making Christmas decorations in the Forest School area, so please remember to send them in with appropriate clothing today.

Year Five
This week has been a busy one. Year five have been busy writing their conclusions to their wonderful sci-fi stories and they are sounding amazing. We have been working hard to calculate time measurements in maths and staff are very proud of how many children are pushing themselves to work at gold!
In Penguin class we had a wonderful afternoon making some very comical fondant penguins which I’m hoping made it home in one piece.  Puffins have worked collaboratively to create colourful Christmas pictures and made Christmas tree cards too.
We are looking forward to our ‘Multiplex’ event on Monday and the children have chosen which film they want to watch.  Then, on Tuesday we will be heading to the Church for our Christmas service and some of our pupils will be singing and playing the recorder.
We wish you a safe, happy Christmas and look forward to seeing you in the New Year for the start of our new topic, Alchemy Island.

Year Six
Our last full week in school before Christmas has seen the Snow Leopards and Jaguars finishing up their Frozen Kingdom topic with some Northern Lights art work and by making informative and challenging board games that show off their knowledge of this subject.
The children have been making themselves useful around school, acting as ‘elves’ – sorting the Christmas cards and distributing them around the school – as well as helping set up and serve at the Christmas meal on Thursday. The school wouldn’t run without them!


Friday 24th

General News

Thank you for all of your donations today for our Christmas tombola.  We have a fantastic amount of items and we hope that the children enjoyed coming to school today in non-uniform!  Don't forget the Christmas Fayre is next Friday 1st December 5pm until 7pm and we look forward to seeing you all for some festive fun. This year due to time constraints we were unable to send raffle tickets home, however we still have some fabulous prizes to be won -£100 cash prize, £50 Dipple and Conway Opticians voucher, Co-op Hamper, £20 Reiki voucher and many more. Please come and support us by buying raffle tickets on the evening.  We are holding a Bake Off competition and bake sale.
We are also attaching a flyer which gives detailed information about the programme of events for the Christmas Fayre with timings of children's performances. christmas fayre

*AVIVA COMMUNITY FUND* - Thank you so much to all of you who voted in our Laptops for Learning bid.  Voting has now closed but we will keep you informed of whether or not we have been successful!

Parents/Carers of Mulbarton Primary School are invited to a ‘drop in’ coffee morning by the Family Matters Team.  A flyer concerning this event on 7th December is attached. Mulbarton coffee morning

Mobile Library - The mobile library visits every other Thursday after school and will next be here on Thursday 7th December!

If your child is arriving for school after 9am please bring them into school via the school office to ENSURE that they are registered correctly.  Please do not take your child straight to the classroom even if the gates are still unlocked at 9am.
If your child is absent, please notify the school office by using our dedicated Pupil Absence telephone line and DO NOT email in the absence.  If you have any urgent messages for school, please telephone the office and either speak to a member of the office staff or leave a message on the answerphone.  Please do not email messages as there may be a delay in our emails being checked.
May we politely remind parents not to drive on to school premises between the hours of 7.45am and 4.30pm.  This is to ensure the safety of all our children whilst on our site.

NEW ARRANGEMENTS FOR COMING INTO SCHOOL  - From Monday we are trialing a new system in the mornings.  Like the existing arrangements in the lower school, doors in upper school will open at 8.45am and children will come straight into the cloakrooms and classrooms to be registered ready for the school day to begin promptly at 9.00am.

Weekly News - we hope you will find it useful to have the weekly news contained within the newsletter.  Please do still head over to the blogs to see what else has been going on in class!

This week we have been learning the sounds e r h and u. We have also started learning tricky words, we hope that you have found your child’s tricky word tag in their book bag.
We have also been learning about 2d shapes and the children have been working with an adult to make pictures using those shapes and describing their properties.
This week we have also started to teach the children how to use the woodwork area safely in small groups- the children have loved this activity!
The children have also been starting to give compliments to the hedgehog/squirrel of the day. Please look out for the compliments slip that comes home when it is your child’s turn. We would love for you to add your family’s compliments at the bottom of the page and return the slip to school so that we can share your compliments from home at school, it will be sent home again for you to keep.
Thank you to those of you who have already replied with money for the Christmas craft morning. We do need these back as soon as possible so that we can buy resources for the crafts. Just to remind you that we cannot accommodate pre-school children at this event.
Mulbarton Church have kindly offered to give every child in reception a story bible. Please could you let us know if you would rather your child does not receive one. There is a copy near the snack area if you would like to have a look at it before deciding. A member of Mulbarton Church will be presenting the bibles to the children next week.
The school has bought a machine that turns waste paper into fuel for our wood burner. If you have any shredded paper at home or old newspapers, please bring it into school in a bag, thank you.

Year One
We have had a lovely week in Year 1. We started the week with a wonderful writing session focusing on a picture of an enchanted woodland scene. The children then wrote some lovely descriptive sentences about what they could see, hear and smell.
In Maths this week we have carried on with subtraction and learning to problem solve with a number line by carefully jumping backwards to take away.
We have enjoyed looking at the year 1 home learning, thank you for your support with this and with their spellings. The children have been given their words for the KS1 nativity to practise at home. There are a few children from each class without a speaking part and they will be wearing a costume on stage which we will provide.
We had great fun making our story boxes and we were very impressed with the children’s model making skills. They are very proud of their creations and we would like to invite you in for a class exhibition to look at their story boxes along with their enchanted stories after school from 3.10pm on Thursday 28th November.
Please could we ask the children to bring in their favorite book from home next week, which we will share on Tuesday as part of our reading for pleasure focus this term.
Next Friday we will be performing our year 1 Christmas song – ‘ O Tannenbaum’, at the Christmas Fayre at 5.15pm in the upper school hall.

Have a lovely weekend from the Year 1 team

Year Two
We have had a very busy week in Year 2. Shark class went on their visit to the church, we all went to Easton College to take part in a multiskills festival with other schools, and we have been creating an art masterpiece.
At the start of the week we looked at missing number problems, for example 23 + ? = 53. The children used a 100sq or a blank number line to count up and find the ‘difference’ and therefore the missing number.
We have been learning about adverbs as part of our SPaG work (spelling, punctuation and grammar). We learnt that some adverbs end in the suffix –ly and describe how an action is carried out, for example; quickly, carefully, slowly, happily etc. The children wrote sentences about the Three Billy Goats Gruff applying their understanding of adverbs.
On Wednesday and Friday we have been busy making ourselves into kings / queens by drawing self-portraits. We created a first draft before watching a video called ‘Austin’s Butterfly’. The video is about a little boy who got feedback from friends on how to improve and by his final draft his artwork was amazing. The children then gave each other feedback before creating a second draft. On Friday they drew their final draft and began painting.
A reminder to the dance showcase parents that we need your order form and money for the t-shirts by Monday. We will send further information about the event closer to the time but just a reminder that children will need to take part in both shows (afternoon and evening) and will need picking up from the Open venue after the last performance.
Next week we will need lots of junk modelling so please save up over the weekend. Many thanks.

Year Three
Both classes have been busy practising for our assembly next week. We have been really pleased with how the children are making such an effort to learn their words. We look forward to seeing you all next Thursday afternoon.
We have also been preparing for our performance at the Christmas Fayre. We would like the children to bring in jam jars to turn into lanterns. We would like at least one jam jar for every child. If you have several spare, please send them in by Monday so that others can use them too.
We have started two new topics in maths and English. In maths we are developing our understanding of multiplication and division. This will continue to the end of term. In English we have begun a unit of work on narrative writing, using Maia Walzcak's, 'The Black Hat' as inspiration for our own stories.
In science we are developing our understanding of food chains.

Year Four
This week in Year 4 we have been continuing our work on the Romans.  We have been developing our use of expanded noun phrases, similes and relative embedded clauses to make our wanted posters for Boudicca as descriptive as possible.  We are also starting our Roman marching in PE.  We are very good Roman army scouts!
In Maths, we have continued to practise our written multiplication methods, applying it to area. We also particularly enjoyed investigating finding area by counting squares.
In Science, we continued our work on Sound.  We investigated how to change the pitch and volume of musical instruments that we have made.
Just a quick note to let you know that Year 4 are performing our Christmas song at 6pm on Friday 1st December as part of the School Christmas Fayre.

Year Five
This week Puffins and Penguins have been looking at science fiction and invented our own alien. We have discussed if we think aliens exist and thought of some superb reasons to back up our opinions.
In maths we have been working on division. We have been very resilient and now feel much more confident at formal methods of division. Well done Puffins and Penguins we are really proud of you.
We are looking forward to the Christmas fayre next week and performing our Italian song for all the visitors. Please can the children remember to wear a Christmassy jumper, woolly hat and scarf for the performance. Thanks

Year Six
In Maths this week, we have been mastering multiplication of fractions, applying our knowledge and supporting each other collaboratively with problem-solving.  We have been working hard to improve our use of mathematical language – ask us all about the importance of equivalent fractions! In English, we have started to read about the Titanic as we work towards writing a diary entry in role as someone on board.

This week has been Open Week at Mulbarton so our new prefects – along with some other trusted Year 6 children – have been showing visitors around our fantastic school and answering questions all about our learning and our school life. As our exciting Year 6 Titanic assembly approaches, we have been discussing how to make the occasion really special (any captain hats, wedding hats or appropriate attire for a Titanic passenger or worker would be appreciated!).

A few parents have been asking about revision guides for KS2 SAT's.  We recommend the following series, but please don't feel you have to purchase them:

Achieve 100 maths/reading etc
Achieve 100 plus for the children working at greater depth
Published by rising stars. £5 in price

Friday 10th

This week children in  Reception to Year 4 have brought home letters and consent forms for the flu immunisation programme.  The date for the flu immunisation is Wednesday 22nd November.    Please ensure that your consent forms are returned to school as soon as possible and before 22nd as your child will not be immunised unless we have a signed consent form.  

The children have had a visitor in Assembly today from the charity Sugar for Shelters.  They support shelters in East Anglia for the homeless and families in crisis and we will be collecting bags of sugar in school for this appeal.  Watch out for further details in future newsletters!


Children in Need
- BBC Children in Need is next Friday 17th November.  We will be holding  a cake sale on Thursday 16th November and Friday too if we have lots of cakes left over!  Please can we ask parents for donations of cakes to be brought into school on Thursday 16th November,  Year 5 and Year 6 will organise this and run the stalls. Cakes will be sold at break time on both the lower school and upper school playground so please send your child/children into school with some money if they would like to buy a cake.   Next Friday will also be a non-uniform day so children should come to school in spots or stripes for suggested donation of £1

Christmas Fayre - We will be holding our annual Christmas Fayre on Friday 1st December 5pm - 7pm.  We will be holding a non-uniform day on Friday 24th November  in exchange for bringing in prizes for the tombola stall at the Christmas Fayre.  All children will be performing at the Christmas Fayre and exact details about the timings of class performances will be provided nearer the time.

Christmas Craft Morning (Reception Class) - Friday 8th December - Look out for further details concerning this on the Hedgehog and Squirrel class blogs.

Nativity - This year the Year 1 and Year 2 children will be performing a nativity.  The performances will be on the following dates and further details will be given nearer the time.

Monday 11th December, 2pm, Dress Rehearsal (to which pre-school children are invited)
Tuesday 12th December, 2pm and 6pm (no pre-school children - thank you)
Wednesday 13th December, 6pm (no pre-school children - thank you)

Due to this we have decided to postpone the advertised Year 1 assembly until the spring term.

Christmas Jumper Day - In order to support Save the Children, we will be taking part in Wear a Christmas Jumper Day for a donation of £1 on Friday 15th December

Christmas Carol Service - Key Stage 2 children (Years 3-6) will be attending the Church for a carol service on Tuesday 19th December.  This will be led by Year 6 children.  Details for both events will follow.  
Year 3 How Hill visit - There will be an information evening for parents on Wednesday 10th January at 7pm.
We are holding a Year 3 sleepover on Friday 26th January to help everyone prepare for How Hill. Details will follow.

All children can now access Active Learn from home and Education City but if anyone is having problems please speak to your class teacher.
Aviva - Laptops for Learning - As you know we are bidding to win £9,000 to buy 30 new laptops for the school, which would put 2 laptops in every classroom or allow a whole class to have one each for individual lessons.  Thank you to everyone that has already voted, we have over 2,000 votes already.  With just over a week of voting left can you help us to get into the final by voting if you haven’t yet & by encouraging friends & family to vote for us please?
Please click on the link below to vote for “Laptops for Learning” for Mulbarton Primary School, voting is free & you don’t need to be an Aviva customer.  Everyone gets 10 votes which can be used across multiple projects or all on one project.
We need to get as many votes as we can so please spread the word by sharing this email with your family, friends& colleagues.  If you have your own business, would you consider sharing this with your employees?  Every vote counts to get us 30 new laptops for our children.

Thank you.

Don't forget to have a look at our class blogs to see what the children have been doing this week!


We need your votes!

We are bidding to win £9,000 to buy 30 new laptops for the school, which would put 2 laptops in every classroom or allow a whole class to have one each for individual lessons.  We need your help!
Please click on the link below to vote for “Laptops for Learning” for Mulbarton Primary School, voting is free & you don’t need to be an Aviva customer.  Everyone gets 10 votes which can be used across multiple projects or all on one project.
We need to get as many votes as we can so please spread the word by sharing this email with you family, friends & colleagues.  If you have your own business, would you consider sharing this with your employees?  Every vote counts to get us 30 new laptops for our children.

Thank you

Welcome back to school, we hope everyone had a lovely half term break.  Please can we remind parents to telephone the school office if your child is absent from school due to illness on every day of the absence.  Gates to the school will be locked at 9am and, therefore, children who are arriving at school after 9am MUST be brought in through the main office.  This is really important to keep all our children safe and ensure that they are marked correctly on the register.

Any parents who haven't yet completed the Parents Survey, please can you do so and the link to access this is:

We are bidding to win £9,000 to buy 30 new laptops for the school, which would put 2 laptops in every classroom or allow a whole class to have one each for individual lessons.  We need your help!
Please click on the link below to vote for “Laptops for Learning” for Mulbarton Primary School, voting is free & you don’t need to be an Aviva customer.  Everyone gets 10 votes which can be used across multiple projects or all on one project.

We need to get as many votes as we can so please spread the word by sharing this email with you family, friends & colleagues.  If you have your own business, would you consider sharing this with your employees?  Every vote counts to get us 30 new laptops for our children.

Thank you

We have been asked to make parents aware that there is a new organisation called 'Help Hub'.  This is a partnership set up between organisations that support people in South Norfolk.  It can offer practical support, confidential advice and guidance on any issue from a broken washing machine to providing support for you and your family.  More information is available on their website

GOOD NEWS!  Thank you to everyone who attended the Sugar Beet fireworks.  They are donating £650 to the school from the profits raised!

The mobile library will be on school grounds next Thursday 9th November between 3.05 and 3.40pm.  We are pleased to advise that PC Jim Squires a Community Engagement Officer from Norfolk Constabulary will be reading his favourite story with children and giving them the chance to try on uniforms and learn more about a police officer's role.  He looks forward to meeting with families who visit the mobile library after school on that day!

Some of our children from our Choir are performing with Mulbarton Community Choir alongside Norfolk Wherry Brass next Saturday 11th November.

REMEMBRANCE DAY - Poppies are now on sale and will be sold by our Year 6 children at breaktime and lunchtime.  If your child would like to bring some money to buy a poppy please send it in with your child separate from their lunch money!

BBC Children in Need takes place this year on Friday 17th November and we are having a non uniform day.    Please wear something spotty for a donation ( suggested £1).  There will also be a cake sale on the Thursday and the Friday at break time, more details to follow.
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