School Meals

In lower school the children are offered free meals. Children in the upper school need to be provided with fruit or veg to eat at snacktime. The upper school have the opportunity to purchase a meal from our kitchen. If your child does not want a hot dinner they may bring a packed lunch or in the upper school order a snack pack.

The meals are healthy and appetising. We are in charge of our own kitchen which gives our cooks the opportunity to be more adventurous and respond quickly to the children and parents suggestions.

If your child does not want a hot dinner they may bring a ‘packed’ lunch. If your child brings a drink, please ensure that it is in a non-breakable and leak proof container – preferably a flask inside a lunch box.

As part of our Waste Watch, we are encouraging children to bring their packed lunches and drinks in reusable containers rather than lots of pre-packed cellophane/plastic pots/cartons etc.

Latest menu

In school the children receive free fruit or vegetables every day. There is also the option to order milk. This is free for under- fives. Both free and paid for milk orders need to be done through our milk provider.
All infant aged children are entitled to free school meals.
We are all aware of the need for a healthy lifestyle but sometimes the messages we receive can be confusing. Please click on this link for a helpful article to guide you in the choices you make for your family.